Nintendo Direct February Recap

New game announcements and news for games coming to the Nintendo Switch!

After 530 days, we are finally getting an offical Nintendo Direct after last year being filled with mini Directs and Partner Showcases. If you want to watch the full stream you can watch it here, but I’ll include the individual trailers for the games that were either announced or got updates on:


Xenoblade Chronicles x SSBU

The direct started with a semi-fake out as we got a cutscene featuring Xenoblade Chronicles protagonist Rex looking for Pyra, who vanished without a trace. He does manage to find her, with Pyra telling him that she couldn’t tell anyone where she was going. And why? Well, she’s joining the Smash rooster! It looks like her whole thing will be weilding fire with her sword. She’ll also be a two-in-one fighter as she transforms into Mythra. As Mythra, she’ll be faster and use her Foresight ability to phase away from enemy attacks. From the trailer, it does look like this switch will be almost instantaneously, but we’ll see once she releases. This will also come with a new small arena on top of Azurda the Titan.

You’ll be able to fight with Pyra/Mythra sometime in March.

Fall Guys

For all you hoping for Fall Guys on the Switch, looks like your wishes have been granted. Fall Guys is set to be coming to the Switch sometime in the Summer. Hopefully online is good from the get go and Switch players will be able to play with, at least, other console players either on release or in the future.

Outer Wilds

For those that haven’t dived into Outer Wilds yet, it’s going to be releasing on the Switch so you can take it on the go. I’ve heard it’s best to go in totally blind, but the simple premise is that you’ll be venturing into space and exploring various planets to uncover secrets left behind from ancient civilizations. There’s also this whole thing where the Sun explode about every hour, but luckily everything resets. Lets hope you’ll be able to break this time loop. This will be arriving on the Switch sometime in Summer.

I’ll be very curious on how Outer Wilds performs on the Switch. I personally haven’t picked it up yet, but I may opt for the Switch version if things look good for it.

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir & The Girl Who Stands Behind

We’ll be getting two visual novel titles have been localized, modernized, and set to release in North America for the first time, and they’re under the Famicom Detective Club series. Famicom Detective Club are murder mystery visual novels. In The Missing Heir, you’ll be trying to solve a murder case surrounding a wealthy family in a haunted village as you’re dealing with amnesia. While in The Girl Who Stands, you’ll investigate a supernatural rumor after a mysterious death pops up that was meant to free the students from nightmares. You’ll need to interrogate suspects and find clues to find out who the culprit is. These two games look great, the voice acting sounds great, and murder mysteries are my jam.

Both of these games are releasing on May 14, with each being $35 each, but if you buy one, you’ll get $10 off the other one.

Samurai Warriors 5

A spin-off from the Dynasty Warriors series, you’ll be fighting against hoards of enemies during the Sengoku Period of Japan while following Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akeshi. Character designs and visuals have been revamped for this installment. You’ll be able to jump into this one sometime in Summer.

Legend of Mana Remastered

Legend of Mana is coming to the Nintendo Switch with remastered graphics, rearranged arrangements (which you can switch back to the original version), the ability to turn off enemy encounters, and the Ring Ring Land minigame will be included (as it was once a Japan exclusive). Throughout the game, you’ll set out to find a mystical Mana tree that you’ve been dreaming about. However, when you set out, the map is entirely empty. To fill up the map, you’ll place Artifacts, which you can find while traveling, which will turn into towns, dungeons, or lands when placed. You’ll be able to determine where these Artifacts will be placed and when, making this nonlinear as it will also affect how you’ll advance the story.

You’ll be able to repopulate the world map on June 24.

Monster Hunter Rise

For Monster Hunter Rise, we didn’t get much new information other than a trailer showing off various monsters you’ll be hunting, how gorgeous the game is, and part of the story where you’ll need to fight against the Rampage and Magnamalo. As well as a quick look at twin assistants.

Get ready to hunt some monsters on March 26. We also got a confirmation that the special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch and Pro Controller will be coming to North America on March 26.

Mario Golf Super Rush

Do you like golf? Do you like Mario? Well, you’ll love Mario Golf! You’ll be able to play golf as various characters from the Mario franchise (yes, including Waluigi) on various themed courses. You’ll be able to see how your shots will slope with the Shot Gauge, examine the course’s terrain, and maybe use motion controls to golf. This title also includes Speed Golf where turns are nonexistent and you’ll race to reach your ball with the help of temporary dashes and special shots. There will also be story mode where your Mii character will start as a rookie, face off against Mario characters, and allocate skill points.

You’ll be able to play some golf on June 25.

Tales from the Borderlands

On March 21, you’ll be able to play Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands on the Switch where you’ll switch between two unreliable narrators (Rhys and Fiona) as they must team up together to get out of a deal gone wrong and recover a mountain of cash.

Capcom Arcade Stadium

Available today, you’ll be able to play some arcade classics on your Nintendo Switch with the added ability to adjusting speed, difficulty, select display options, the ability to rewind, and local co-op play. You can pick up 1943: The Battle of Midway and Ghosts ‘n Goblins for free, with other Arcade titles locked behind Packs.

Stubbs the Zombie: In Rebel Without a Pulse

Play as Stubbs the Zombie as you take your revenge on the city by building up your zombie hoard with the very residents there and using zombie abilities like gut grenades. You can take on the city on March 16.

No More Heroes 3

We got a new No More Heroes 3 news and a new gameplay/story trailer! This takes place after aliens, who dub themselves as superheroes, taken over the city Travis Touchdown resides in. To save the world, Travis Touchdown comes through as the last hero fights his way to the top of the intergalactic superhero tournament. It also looks like we’ll be returning to the classic first game as the open world, odd jobs, and needing to pay your way into rank battles. The Rank Battles, from what we’re shown, looks like each of them will be unique with one bringing back the old school horror game feel and classic JRPG turn based battle. It’s also been confirmed that Travis will have the Death Glove from Travis Strikes Again which will give you access to customizable deathly skills.

Let’s kick some alien ass on August 27.

Neon White

Play as a heavenly assassin as you slay demons that dare to step foot in Heaven. While this is a first person shooter where you’ll constantly need to be moving and jumping around, your attacks come from Heaven Cards which have a set amount of use, well unless you sacrifice them to execute some special killer moves. We also got a quick look into the possibility that the story will play out as a visual novel and you’ll be able to recruit other assassins into your team (or possibly different characters you can play as).

I’m sure we’ll learn more soon, as this won’t be coming until Winter.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

Looks like the DC Super Hero Girls series is getting its own game. You’ll be able to play the various heroes to fight the super villians, shop for some clothes, hang out after school, take pictures for social media, and try to hide their secret identity. This will be available for purchase on June 4.

Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

The complete edition of Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, where players will either take control of Plants or Zombies in this multiplayer co-op/competitive game and aim to win against their opponent, will be available on March 19.


If you sadly missed the original release of Miitopia on the DS, we are getting a re-release on the Switch! Miitopia is populated with Miis you created. In this game, the evil Dark Lord has taken everyone’s faces away and put them onto creatures to make monsters. You much fight these monsters to restore everyone’s faces and journey to stop the Dark Lord. This Switch release will be including new features like makeup, fabulous wigs, and have a horse as an ally. You’ll be able to play Miitopia on May 21.

With the re-release of Miitopia, hopefully this means Tomodachi Life 2 is in the future?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario March Update

As many New Horizons players already know, we’ll be getting a free March update that will add Mario themed items in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary. While we didn’t know what we’ll be getting, we got a look here. We’ll be getting at least 4 costumes, brick blocks, super mushroom, question block (which actually bump up when walked under), coins that will act like they’re picked up before reappearing, stars, spinnable turtle shells, flame flower, Thwomp that will thump down when walked close to, end-level flag, perhaps new mushroom furniture, and a workable warp pipe.

This update will be downloaded on February 25, which I’m sure we’ll be given a gift for downloading, and these items will be available to purchase from the Nook Shopping on March 1.

Project Triangle Strategy

From the creators of Octopath Traveler, we’ll be getting a tactical strategy rpg game under the working title Project Triangle Strategy. We’ll be following Serenoa Wolffort, the protagonist, and various other characters through the story and play as them through gorgeous 2D world, which will be fused with the 3D tile environment, to save the Kingdom of Glenbrook. Battles will take place on terrain on different elevations, which has the ability to extend your ranged attack range if you’re on higher ground. You’ll also be able to flank enemies so your ally on the other side will attack as well, coordinate coordinated attacks, change the terrain type. During the story, you’ll also be making choices that will establish your conviction and determine who will join you and how the story will unravel. Though, critical decisions are settled by votes, which you’ll need to sway your allies if you want to get your way. Promising that each player will most likely have differing ways their story turned out.

This is launching in 2022, but a demo is out now.

Star Wars Hunters

Coming sometime this year, you’ll be able to play a Star Wars competitive arena combat game featuring an array of new characters. This is set between Episodes 6 and 7.

Knockout City

Coming May 21, Knockout City is a Dodgeball Battle game where you’ll be teaming up with other players to take out the other team. You’ll be able to knock out other characters with trick shots, coordinated teamwork, use the map to your advantage, and roll up into a ball yourself for your teammates to throw.

World’s End Club

With the first half launching on Apple Arcade first, the full release is coming in hot on May 27. From the creators of Danganronpa, a group of school children escapes a death game in an underwater theme park to embark on a journey through Japan to get back home. You’ll be battling against monsters and completing challenges either as a group or working solo.

Hades Physical Release

With the insane popularity of Hades, it’s getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch. This will come with a download code for the soundtrack and a 32 page full colored character compendium. This will be available very soon on March 19.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

Grab all three Ninja Gaiden games together in a collection where you will play as a legendary Ninja battling against great evils. You’ll be able to pick this up on June 10.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass

If you’ve been loving Age of Calamity, new content is set to come out through an Expansion Pass. This Expansion Pass will include new weapons, costumes, enemies, challenges, skills, stages, and new characters to your rooster. This is available for pre-order now and will feature 2 Waves of content in June and November.

Bravely Default 2

It’s almost time to emabark on a journey to restore the crystals and master the turn-based battling job system. As this is a brand new area with new characters, new players can safely enter the series here when it releases on February 26. Though, you can play the demo now if you can’t wait.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

On February 25, you’ll be able to play a new Ghosts ‘n Goblins game as you play a brave knight battling monsters across the demon realm with the option of a local co-op player to help you out.

SaGa Frontier Remastered

On April 5, you’ll be able to play a remastered version of SaGa Frontier that follows 8 protagonists and 8 journeys. This will also include a new playable protagonists, new gameplay features, and a new scenario for Asellus.

Apex Legends

Coming March 9, you’ll be able to play this free to play battle royale anywhere and will featuring a growing rooster, cross platform play, legendary pathfinder skin, 30 free levels for Season 8 Battle Pass, and double XP during the first 2 weeks of release.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

For those that weren’t able to play any of the Zelda games on the Wii, we are getting a HD remaster of Skyward Sword which tells the story of when Link is whisked away from his friends and pushed on his destiny to destroy the Demon king Demise who will destroy everything to get his hands on the Triforce. The motion controls have been recreated with the joycons as well as button controls so it can be played on handheld mode or on the Switch-lite.

This will be released on July 16 alongside specially designed Joy cons.

Splatoon 3

Looks like Splatoon fans will be able to look forward to a new Splatoon game in 2022. Not much is known on what what new content will be coming to the game yet, other than you having a little chicken-fish pet.

Well, that’s it for Nintendo’s Direct. I hope there was at least one game here that caught someone’s eye or was a game you were hoping for more news on. I know that there was a lot here for me to look forward to.


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