Gamefly Review

So I decided to try out Gamefly for a year…

Remember the Gamefly commercials that always used to play? I saw these commercials a lot growing up, but my family never was subscribed to it. This was due to a combination of not having internet for the longest time, simply not having that much for non-essential stuff at the time, and not wanting to bring it up and be chastised. Instead, I went for Redbox, as they were doing game rentals at the time, when I had a couple days freed up. It wasn’t until last year, actually around this time, when I remembered Gamefly as I was looking for a PS3 copy of Lollipop Chainsaw as my Xbox 360 proved to have died. It popped up in searches and while Gamefly didn’t have any copies, it did make me remember about the company (and funnily enough, a commercial for it came on).

I saw Gamefly offered a free month trial and I thought “Why not?” and activated it. After all, there are games that I want to play, but I’m not too sure about. I didn’t want to feel guilty if I ended up not liking a newly purchased game (which was mostly fueled after I didn’t end up liking Little Nighmares 2, Lost in Random, and Death’s Door). I also thought maybe it would make for a great post about my experience with Gamefly, as there doesn’t seem to be much on how it is nowadays, and the games I ended up getting (like actual mini-reviews on them). Sorry if I didn’t end up liking a game you like, but of course everything I write is dipped in my opinion and my personal tastes in games (no matter how broad that is).

I’m going to down all the games I received through Gamefly per month, before going into my overall thoughts on the service. Since I did subscribe towards the end of December, I’m counting January as the first month.


This was my free trial month and I received three games, though I could swear they were holding out on a fourth until they knew I was gonna stick around.

The first game I received, and I was really lucky on, was Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This was on low availability when I put it on top of my list and despite the odds, I was sent it. I was interested in the game, but I wasn’t too sure based on what others were saying about the combat. Well, it turned out that I ended up really liking Kena as the story sucked me in, the combat was simple, but tricky, and the combat encounters were actually no joke. I actually ended up playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits for 16-ish hours in one go as I just didn’t want to stop.

Next was KeyWe and I thought the game was so cute. However, the only one I know that would be willing to play couch co-op with me would me my mom and she really only plays Mario games. Granted, KeyWe does let you play single player, but it is built around co-op. However, this game just didn’t click with me. I didn’t like single player as it seemed like too much was stacked against you and I wasn’t that into co-op. Plus, I really only liked one level type anyway and I just didn’t want to deal with the future levels after I looked them up and saw what they were (which were basically the same level types with some gimmick to make it harder).

Last for January was Pikmin 3 Deluxe. I never played a Pikmin game and I wanted to see how the series was like with it’s latest entry. Though, as I played, I found that it just wasn’t for me.


After my free trial month ended, I got a deal to have a free month upgrade to have games out at a time. I took it of course. After this, I did actually like having two game slots as I could play the second game while I waited for the next to come if I wanted to. Though, considering I have a backlog that might not have been a good choice, but I couldn’t go back. Especially later on when I Gamelocked games and it let me have an open slot without having to rush out the longer game (as I did try to have a longer game and a shorter game out at the same time). Anyway, I got five games this month.

Sonic Colors Ultimate was the first game for February and this was mainly due to a video I watched that looked into all the Sonic games. It got me interested in Sonic Colors (though, I know Ultimate isn’t the best version to play). While I did like the look of it and the cutscenes (despite the annoying jokes), I didn’t like the levels themselves. There were some that I really liked, but I didn’t like the rest enough to continue on. I guess I’m someone that liked the DS Sonic games more than anything else.

Next was Apsoluv: End of Gods. I remember going to a livestream when this was first released, got a look at it, and then left as I didn’t want to spoil myself. Well, I should have stayed. I loved the premise of the game and the look of it interested me, but it just wasn’t the type of horror game, or just game type, that I liked. It’s my fault for not looking much into the gamefly, but at least I rented it.

No More Heroes 3 was next and I actually had this sent to me twice. It never game within the week so I reported it as missing and they sent me another copy. Which ended up coming in 2 business days, which was the fastest that I got a game from Gamefly. Well, unless that was what was sent to me first and the second copy just never came. Anyway, I absolutely loved No More Heroes 1 & 2, though I don’t really remember much from Travis Strikes Again as it was my first NMH game, so I had to play the third game. Well, I was kind of disappointed with this. I just couldn’t really get into it and I became bored with how you were basically beamed to a small room to fight mobs (not to mention some enemy types are so annoying, spongey, and can easily hit you off screen even when you’re not locked-on to an enemy). I didn’t have any drive to continue it, and this is from someone that played Travis Strikes Again without playing the first No More Heroes games, found it to be meh at the time, and still ended up completing it. This is why I sometimes procrasinate on games I’ve been looking forward to a lot, as I’m scared to find it disappointing.

Next was Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I actually also bought Ori and the Blind Forest as I totally forgot Blind Forest was the first game. While I do see why people love both Ori games, it’s just not the game for me.

And lastly, Elden Ring. I actually gamelocked Elden Ring back when I was doing my free trial. I originally had the FNAF: Security Breach gamelocked, but I thought Elden Ring would be on low availability for a long time, compared to Security Breach, so I switched it. The only previous FromSoft game experience I had was a bit of Dark Souls 2 and a lot of Bloodborne as I absolutely loved it (though finals were coming and I had to stop for a while… which caused me to forget how to play and where I was going). Anyway, Elden Ring is a pretty good game and the horse makes it better for me. I enjoyed my time with it despite it being tough as nails, but I did decide to send it back. I felt it was kind of weighing on me and I was starting to have the feeling that I was phasing it out and was a bit… bored. So, I sent it back, glad I was able to try it out without feeling bad that I slowly stopped playing. I guess I should go replay Bloodborne, as it does seem I’m trying to chase that game style again.

Also there’s no way to compare armor/weapon stats in the store, what’s up with that?


The first game I was sent in March was DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. I remember liking the trailer when it was shown in the Nintendo Direct, and then immediately being turned off by the price. It’s cute for a $30 game, but $60? I ended up remembering this game at the beginning of March, put it on the top of my list, and it was sent out to me after I returned the (second) copy of No More Heroes 3. This was also the time I learned it had a show and it wasn’t just shorts. I loved the shorts that used to play so I binged the show and I really liked it. Anyway, the game turned out to be pretty good. The game felt like it was being ambitious and while it worked for the game, it also worked against it. Like the flying is just terrible and the social media aspect really needed to be expanded more, but I loved the character interactions, how it was structured like the show, and enjoyed the story.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was next and honestly I had a lot of fun. I felt like I was hoping to get a game like Bloodborne, but other Fromsoft games aren’t going to be like it (and I’ve came to the conclusion of just playing Bloodborne when I yearn for its gameplay). But I did decide to try out Sekiro and I loved it. It did turn out to be more in the vein of Bloodborne (but different of course) and I loved the setting, the characters, and the story. Despite dying a lot, I had a lot of fun with Sekiro.

Maglam Lord wrapped up March, mainly because I wanted to try out Sekiro first as it would be quicker to find out if I would have liked it or not compared to Maglam Lord. Anyway, I found this one pretty okay, but after getting through maybe halfway through the game I didn’t really want to continue. I did find myself liking the story, where you wake up after being sealed away for many years into a mostly peaceful world and work to regain your strength, the dating aspect, and the artwork; but I didn’t really enjoy the combat. Whereas you’ll be doing the story in missions (as well as side missions to help you grind levels) and explore the area, combat is in a plane where you can only go left and right, switch between three different weapon types (axe, spear, and sword) which all enemies are weak to one, and be able to quick use one spell and one item. However, getting in an attack in the overworld felt inconsistent and the actual combat is mainly just button mashing, sort of dodging/blocking enemies or hoping you don’t have a barrage of attacks on you. Also hoping you’ll be able to do a charged attack on bosses as they can easily just disrupt that. The enemies kinda telegraphs their attacks, but not by much as you won’t have time to react if they’re right up on you, and I couldn’t figure out if the game was slightly lagging or if it was just the effects combat has when hitting multiple targets (and I was playing on the PS4).


Ghostwire: Tokyo was the first that was sent to me in April and I was really surprised I got it so early. I was pretty much looking forward to this game when it was first announced, and then went from cautiously looking forward to it when the combat was shown. I didn’t know if I would like the combat or not. It turned out that I did end up liking how the combat was and I loved the setting and atmosphere like I expected. I did wish this had more of a main story, and some more variety in some aspects, but it’s an overall great game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is next and this is another I was looking forward to but not so sure about. I do like FNAF to an extent (and honestly, Sister Location has been my favorite that I’ve played) and it looked interesting. Though, the price was definitely part of the reason why I hesitated. Well, luckily it got a physical release and I was able to get it through Gamefly. So what did I think? It’s good, just good. I did like it overall, but it is harder and can be more frustrating than you think it would be (the worse areas I got stuck in was the Daycare and Utility Tunnels). I also ran into bugs that was still present, like getting stuck which caused me to reload, it did stutter every so often (I had one save where the lighting and everything didn’t load in until I stepped forward), and the camera often was behind and took seconds to properly display what was currently going on (as well as the highlight showing what camera you were at disappearing, navigating between cameras is a pain when there’s more than a few, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t alert when an animatronic was spotted half of the time). I was also pretty sure the animatronics (bar Freddy) teleported to me at times, Freddy didn’t move despite saying that I should follow him, and sometimes it’s not made clear what you’re really supposed to be doing. Not to mention how the map is so useless (unless you already know the game you wouldn’t be able to know where to go) and even though Freddy tells you he is “marking it on your map” it NEVER gets marked on the map. Okay wow I had more complaints than I thought lol. I don’t think Security Breach is a bad game, but I wouldn’t pick this up unless it goes on sale and you’re aware how frustrating the game can be.

Also Daddy Fazbear.

Kirby and the Forgotton Land was next and I really liked the game, just like I thought. It was still easy even on Wild Mode, but I did find the difficulty increasing as I progressed more and the missions and Treasure Road levels did bring in some challenge. Plus it was pretty nice to not have to worry about grinding or it being too hard or whatever.

Spiritfarer was one that got sent and arrived late April so it’s tecnically a game I got in April, but couldn’t really play or finish before May came. Anyway, this was another game where I thought I would enjoy, based on games I enjoyed that are kind of similar, but didn’t. I enjoyed it at the beginning, but it just became tedious and a chore, as well as how the spirits are so needy (with there being no way to stack for their next meal ahead of time and I would have preferred if their hunger and hug reset the next day) and they don’t interact with each other. I kept Spiritfarer longer than usual, hoping that I would like it more and making sure it wasn’t just my mood or my state of tiredness, but no. I guess I got a different impression of the game based on trailers and that I wanted more depth from it.

It doesn’t help that I heard a lot of the story and lore was put in the artbook, rather than the game, which was not a great idea.


I received three games in May, with the first being Ever Forward. The game is okay, but I just didn’t like the puzzles or the movement of your character. It doesn’t help that the game also has a pretty poor performance either.

Next was AfterParty. AfterParty was one that I got in May but didn’t get the chance to play until June (which is both the fault of Sifu being too good and being too busy with review keys). This one is good, good average. I actually did like the characters and I liked the setting and the outdrinking Satan hook, but it does seem like more could have been done here. And maybe some aspects of the game were cut (which we know some was based on the first trailer). Also I don’t know how I feel about the meta stuff that directly mentions this is a game to Lola and Milo. It makes sense for Wormhorn, but not so much for Sam in my opinion (especially at the end of the ending where you lose to Satan).

Sifu is up next and it actually came around the same time AfterParty did. I ended up playing this one first, as it would be the longer title, and I ended up really liking it. Even getting all the achievements in it and I don’t try doing 100% unless I really like a game now. When it first launched I was unsure about it, as I thought I would like it, but heard about aspects of the game that I wasn’t sure I would like. So I held off. I did not expect it to get a physical release though! It turns out that I really liked the game though, despite how difficult it is and how the skill system worked. Also I know this is a sin to the difficulty gatekeepers, but I started out on the easy mode. It really did help in me transitioning to the normal mode (the original difficulty) though I had to remember that I wouldn’t have the skills in my first playthrough lol. I’m glad I was able to play this one.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game was a game I had at the top of my list for months and I was looking forward to it when it was finally sent out to me. I heard how great the game was, and I did really enjoy River City Girls, so I thought I would like it. Sadly…I didn’t end up liking it. Which stinks, but considering I was thinking about buying it multiple times I’m glad I rented it.

Next was My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure was one that I wasn’t really expecting to get right away. Okay I was hoping to receive a review key, but this was on low availability on Gamefly too. This was an okay game, though it is definitely not worth the full $40 price. Also I may have kept this longer than I thought since I got into speedrunning.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong was disappointing. I’m someone that’s lenient on graphics, so it didn’t really bother me as much as others, but I just got so…annoyed and I was only at the beginning of the game. It felt like I just jumped into a sequel despite that not being the case (I also didn’t really understand the terms, but I guess that’s just a problem for those that this would be their first exposure to Vampire: The Masquerade), finding Journey mission annoyed me so much that I just don’t want to deal with the game after that (not like I was much invested anyway, though I lowkey wanted to hear Galeb talk more), and I just found the animations and lip syncing distractingly bad (and I also tend to be lenient there). It’s a shame since I Gamelocked this, but at least I didn’t have another game I wanted to Gamelock for this month.

Eastward was a bit conflicting for me. I’ve heard good things about Eastward, and only a few things that got me to hold off on it (though I think I was a bit busy when this released anyway). I did end up liking Eastward. I liked the characters (Sam especially was pretty cute), the writing, and I didn’t mind how simplistic or easy the combat and dungeon puzzles were. However, it did end up becoming a slog for me after a while (and those that played can easily guess where exactly it did). It also doesn’t help with how many missable items there are here and how easily you can lock yourself out from getting them (and is even worse since there are missable upgrades for Sam). I thought you would be able to return to the areas again and I was really disappointed to hear that you can’t, which is weird considering the heart orbs and the gear parts gave me that impression. For me, Eastward was enjoyable enough for me to want to keep playing every so often, but not enough to keep me playing or picking it up every time I had some free time.

The last game that came in June was In Sound Mind and it just didn’t gel with me. It sounded like it would be an interesting game, but I just couldn’t stand the game so I sent it back.


I received five games in July. The first being Two Point Hospital. I actually wanted to try out Hospital before Campus came out and luckily, I was sent Hospital before gamelocking any other August games would have been locked out. And well…I don’t think I like management/business sim games like this. I know I loved one of the old Zoo Tycoon games and maybe I’ve been trying to catch that within other management business games. Well, at least I know, though I haven’t played different zoo sim games yet (like Parkasaurus). And I probably should figure out which Zoo Tycoon game I played and find out if I could emulate it.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania was one that I heard people raving about, and a lot of the trailers where they were adding characters from different franchises, but I personally wasn’t sure. I was glad I rented it first for sure though, as this wasn’t for me. I guess I just didn’t like how this game controlled and I don’t think it helped that the gravity was changed in this release (based on what I heard).

Next up is Blue Fire and this has been a game I really wanted to play. Though, I found it ultimately as a “meh” game for me. It also is a game where I got a totally different vision of how it was going to be like based on the trailers versus how it actually was. Despite that, I don’t think Blue Fire is terrible. For me, it was okay enough to where I didn’t mind continuing, at least until I got softlocked, but not bad to where I didn’t want to play/had to force myself to play.

MADiSON was sent out to me next, and funnily enough Gamefly skipped the three games with High availability that was on top of my queue. Though, I wasn’t complaining too much as I was playing AI: The Somnium Files in anticipation for its sequel. Except…I didn’t end up liking MADiSON. It has a nice hook for sure and the atmosphere is great (being spooky and all), but a lot of the other stuff had me annoyed. I didn’t mind your character being scared and borderline whiney, but at least shut up when you’re listening to something, he walks so slow, the puzzles can be obtuse, I got softlocked multiple times (one being at the well puzzle, which I looked up to make sure I got right and had to reload), the inventory system annoyed me (paired with your walking speed since you have to walk back and forth between the safe), and since it only has autosaves it really needed an icon so you know when it autosaves that I just stopped. Sorry MADiSON, but I stuck with you for at least an hour and I just wasn’t into you.

AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative was the game I kept for the longest at this point. I honestly was not expecting to get it as quick as I did as I was planning on playing the first game first (which I already purchased it two years ago). So most of the time was waiting for me to complete the first game. While Nirvana Initiative wasn’t as good as the first Somnium Files, I do think it’s still a good game. It’s just a shame that the developers wanted it to be spoiler free for the first game as it did end up hurting the returning characters and the new characters somewhat. Also the twists weren’t as…good or well executed this time around. Personally, I wouldn’t have been too mad if we got a completely new cast.

Or just made an excuse on why Date was gone, like maybe he’s on vacation and then on a honeymoon with Hitomi (yes I’m a Date x Hitomi shipper).


We Happy Few has been a game on the back of my mind, and I’m sure all of us know what happened years ago regarding this game. This was actually not a game I originally was going to put on my queue, but I did watch a video that had me a bit interested in trying out the game myself. And well, I agree with a lot of people on We Happy Few. The story is interesting, as well as the setting, and they did really good in finding great voice actors, but playing through it was just an okay experience. Combat was serviceable, the survival aspect didn’t feel needed, and the open world was not a good pairing with We Happy Few (and did contribute to this feeling like it was stretched out). I definitely see why there are people that like We Happy Few, but it wasn’t for me.

Soul Hackers 2 was a game I was anticipating all year. Not only do I like Atlus’ Persona games, but it looked like it would be a cool game and I actually Gamelocked it. As I was playing AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative during this time, I put this off for a long while and when I finally got to it…I was disappointed. For me, the story didn’t really grab me and it just felt dull and boring (especially the dungeons) that I was just forcing myself to keep playing. And I thought, well…I could use this time to play other games and so I returned it to open a spot for the next game.

I ended up buying the first Soul Hackers on the 3DS as well. Fingers crossed I end up liking this one more, and it seems so as even though I only played for maybe 15 minutes (mostly because I hate auto-advance text on non-voiced dialogue and I wanted to change that setting) when I wrote this it does seem interesting so far.


I received Xenoblade Chronicles Deluxe Edition as the first game in September. I always wanted to try it out as everyone seems to gush about it, but I wasn’t too sure on it and I already did have a big enough backlog. As the third game was coming out, this feeling intensified and I put it on my queue. When I finally got the chance to try it out, I didn’t really like it. The story was interesting, but I didn’t like the combat style that it had and it was pretty annoying how much your companions talked.

Next up was Digimon Survive and this one released with some controversy as it turned out to be more visual novel than tactical RPG. As someone that loves visual novels, I didn’t mind this news (though I agree it should have been more clear) and put it on my queue. Well, when it actually came…I didn’t exactly like it. Maybe part of it is because I have always been a Pokemon fan, and barely know anything about Digimon, but I just found this boring. I couldn’t get myself to focus on the game and kept wandering off, which doesn’t happen if I enjoy a VN, and I just found the localization and/or how the story is told badly executed.

I do have Digimon Cybersleuth in my backlog, so I think I’ll just finally play it to get some good Digimon gameplay/story.

Last for September was The Wild at Heart and this was a game I always found to be cute and wanted to play. Though, considering this is a Pikmin-like game and I didn’t exactly like Pikmin 3, I guess it isn’t surprising that I didn’t like this game. It’s a cute and seems like a good game, don’t get me wrong, but you do need to like Pikmin’s gameplay to enjoy this game as much as you could possibly enjoy it.


Oh boy, this is gonna be controversial. The only game I received in October was Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster. This is partly due to being busy and partly because well SMT3 is a long game. I never played any SMT3 mainline games before, as I stuck more on the spinoff Persona series. I’ve heard how great SMT 3 was and so I decided to put it on my queue and was excited when it got sent out. Though, I didn’t like it as much. I love the pass turn combat system, the aesthetic, the voice acting, and the story (as little as there is), but there were just way too many random combat encounters and I think there could have been more in the story department. Yes I know, subtly and SMT games barely have as much story as the Persona games, but I do think there’s a balance between having little story content in a RPG and a lot, and SMT3 feels like it could have been better striking the balance.


The Chant was the first game that arrived for me in November. I was actually really interested in The Chant and even more so when I saw the unique mechanics The Chant had. Though, hearing about how the game ended got me to falter into renting the game rather than buying it. While I did wish The Chant had more story, what we got was very interesting and I loved the creepy atmosphere it built up. I also did end up liking the enemies and figuring out how to approach or avoid them. I played a playstyle of avoiding enemies, mainly for an achievement I didn’t end up getting (booo), and it really made the game way more suspenseful.

Soulstice was another game I was interested in, but I read about the gameplay so I decided to put it on my Gamefly queue. When I got to playing Soulstice I have to admit that I just wasn’t that into it. I actually was thinking about sending it back, but I decided to give it some more time and I’m glad I did. I ended up liking Soulstice a lot as the combat opened up more with unlocking more weapons and upgrading Lute’s powers, as the story sucked me in despite the edginess, and my love of Lute and how she interacts with everyone. I need Soulstice to get a sequel.

After Pokemon Sword and Shield, I decided that I would not pre-order any more Pokemon games. I love Pokemon, but I don’t love the direction that they’ve been going in lately. With Gamefly though, I am able to still play it through renting and I Gamelocked Pokemon Scarlet. Considering the performance issues I was seeing as I waited for the game to arrive, and that this followed the same open world vein as Pokemon Legends: Arceus (which I found too boring), I wasn’t that positive on it. Pokemon Scarlet definitely is not optimized, and it’s apparent just in the beginning of the game, and the story is pretty meh. I was actually planning on sending it back as I wasn’t that into it. That is, until it clicked with me. I’m not sure what caused it to click, but I’m still playing it. The performance is still bad, but it still gives off that feeling that I had as a kid playing all the other Pokemon games during the DS era.

Also, I’m not saying that Pokemon needs to have voice acting now, but if Gamefreak is going to continue putting in cutscenes that feels like it should have voice acting, they really need to add it.


I only got one game in December, and that was Gotham Knights. I received this at the last half of December, days before Christmas while I was still busy writing all of my end-of-the-year posts, so I haven’t played much of Gotham Knights yet. Though, I will say that this did give me a positive first impression. I’m not that big on superhero comics, but the story does seem interesting so far and I like how each of the Bat Fam talk to each other. I decided to main Batgirl throughout my playthrough and I like playing as her and I do like the combat (as I get used to it the more I play). Also, while the investigating crime scenes puzzles are pretty basic and easy, I kind of like getting these. One of my highlights of my experience so far is getting to the first story-related investigation puzzle, picking the funny option cause it would be funny to see it fail, and it actually be the solution. I wouldn’t say Gotham Knights is great, but it is good so far and I still want to continue playing it.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll decide to replay as a different character yet, I’ll leave that to how I feel after completing the game, but if I do I’ll probably go with Robin.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really liked having Gamefly. Considering that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo don’t have a refund process like Steam does, I’m glad I was able to try out games through Gamefly. I barely had any problems with Gamefly and surprisingly every disc that I was sent was in great shape (which is a strong contrast to how you’re rolling the dice with Redbox). I also did quite like the Gamelock system where you could lock in a game to guarantee you get it around release, and that it switched so you have until a month before to do it than 6 weeks before. The one thing I wished was available was to pay extra to get tracking as I did become anxious on whether a game got lost or misdelivered or stolen from my mailbox.

For those wondering about how long it took to receive games, it’s of course going to depend on where you life and when it is (like of course around the holidays it’s going to take a bit longer). Generally for me, it took around 3-5 business days, with the longest taking 5 days and the shortest 2 days (but that was like once). It also roughly takes that long for it to make it to Gamefly once you send a game back. I can see how waiting can be too long for some, but having a backlog with this helps or having the 2 game plan. Though, Gamefly does has a Fast Return scanning system, where if USPS sorts it through a specific sorting machine the scan will tell Gamefly to send the next game, which cuts the wait time for the next game. I roughly had 24 games that were fast scanned throughout this year,

Gamefly also introduced a new Self Return system in July that only becomes available if your account is in good standing for half a year. This also helps in cutting down game downtime and I used this for three games: Soul Hackers 2, The Chant (as it was close to the Gamelock period for Pokemon Scarlet), and Soulstice. I did have The Chant take unusually long for them to receive though, so I don’t think I would use Self Return as much unless it’s right when it’s time to open up a slot for a Gamelocked game.

I did have two games go missing on me, No More Heroes 3 and Maglam Lord, though they weirdly did pop up as being returned to Gamefly maybe a week or two after I reported it. I have no idea what was happening there, but I’m glad I was able to keep my account in good standing. I’m not someone that wants to scam Gamefly, I just want to rent some console games that I wasn’t sure on, and I really didn’t want Gamefly to think I was trying to scam them.

Since I am keeping my subscription for next year, maybe I’ll do this type of thing again. Though, perhaps I should more do it as a bi-monthly or tri-monthly article rather than a yearly one. I don’t think my thoughts on Gamefly would change much and this is mainly on how it was as a new customer. Plus I can always put in thoughts about the service still if it’s bi- or tri-monthly.

Anyway, look forward to three more posts before the year ends!


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