5 Upcoming Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2023

Hopefully all of these release next year and that I’ll be able to play all of them!

I totally forgot I did an article on games I was looking forward to in the next year. Looking back on last year’s post for games that were supposed to come out this year…it was not a great turn out. I end up not playing five of the games that did come out this year and three games didn’t even come out this year. Well, hopefully this time all of the games I talk about looking forward to the most will actually release in 2023. Especially since I’m only going to list only five games.


This game seems to be a game that I would really love. It’s action gameplay looks like it’ll be fun, the story sounds like it’s going to be interesting, the fact that your arm is sliced off and replaced with what looks like energy was a great hook, and well, this game had me at dating sim.

Alan Wake 2

This is a surprise for me. I actually was gifted a new Xbox for my birthday, since I was really sad over my old Xbox 360 dying, and I picked up Alan Wake Remastered as one of the games to go along with it. I ended up enjoying Alan Wake a lot, as well as Alan Wake American Nightmare. I don’t think we know much about Alan Wake 2 as of now, but it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for our boy Alan. I just hope He and Barry will be able to reunite.

Hogwarts Legacy

Well, this was one game that I put on last year’s list and didn’t come out. Though this time, it actually does have a release date! I’m cautiously optimistic about Hogwarts Legacy, as we finally will have a Harry Potter game where we can make our own character and explore, but a lot can go wrong. Or it could be a game that I just don’t end up liking. I really hope this doesn’t turn into a “too good to be true” situation.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

As I’m writing this, I have not played Bayonetta 3 past the second chapter. I have heard that it basically killed other’s desires of playing future Bayonetta games and well, I guess we’ll see when I finish it. But even then, the $60 price tag on this game is a real kicker. The game looks cute and interesting, even though I’m like 40% sure this is a different Cereza than in Bayonetta 1, and it seems like it’ll be a side-game that changes up gameplay, but $60? Especially when we know Nintendo games rarely go on sale? Yeah I’m not too sure about the price and while I am looking forward to it, this will be one where I’m going to wait on to hear how it is (not going to do the same mistake I did for Bayonetta 3).

Process of Elimination

With my love of visual novels within the mystery detective genre known, it’s not surprising that I’m looking forward to Process of Elimination. The story sounds like it’ll be an interesting read, especially since you’ll be meeting with other detectives where the serial killer you’re looking for is hidden among them. At least we know one of them isn’t the killer (aka us). I can’t wait to see how these detectives interact with each other and finding out about their backstories (or maybe even their most notable solved case).


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