Seven Pirates H Review (Switch)

If only Mimi was a party member

Released: May 12, 2022
Available on: Switch
Genre: RPG Adventure
Developer: Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Felistella
Publisher: Eastasiasoft
Review key provided by developer

Ah what a day to be a pirate. Seven Pirates H starts with a pirate named Parute sailing around and telling one of her crewmates why they’re out here. Parute believes it’s her destiny to become a legendary pirate that discovered that the Monsupi Sea, which houses monster girls and some tasty treasure, is not just some tall tale. It doesn’t help that a compass randomly dropped on her head one day, further making her believe it. Luckily for Parute, it does actually seem it was meant to be, as she is suddenly knocked into the sea.

Once Parute wakes up to find that the thing that knocked her overboard was actually a pink otter named Otton who is currently using a bra as an eyepatch and totally not feeling her up. And if you played other Genkai Tokki games (like Moero Crystal H), Otton will be a familiar face. Holding herself back from sending Otton back into space, she learns that not only is she in the fabled Monsupi Sea, but the compass was made to guide the user to seven round shaped treasure and Otton specializes in drawing out power hidden in boobs (or Booby Training). That last one was actually the reason Otton got off scot free as Parute doesn’t like being flat.

And from here, Parute’s journey to becoming a pirate legend has started. From here, you’ll be sailing the Monsupi Sea finding torn map pieces so the clouds blocking your way will disperse, going into more dungeons, battling monsters, and coming across monster girls. Some which will join your team (which you get a full team faster than I expected) and some are side characters that will pop up to fight you.

As for the writing, I really liked it. Right away I knew I would at least love how it was written as it starts out fun and it continues all the way through. I also loved reading the characters interacting with each other as there are a lot of funny moments here and there is good balancing of showing that these monster girls know each other while bringing in the newbie. I also didn’t mind not having that many monster girls here this time around as it did give more room in having them in cutscenes and getting to know them. Plus there is a story reason if you want it.

While you’ll be sailing the Monsupi Sea map to get around the various islands, you’ll be diving into the seven dungeons featured here, one for each treasure piece. Each dungeon is actually pretty short, which was certainly a surprise for me, not having you go through multiple floors or areas. Though, they are all filled with monsters which you’ll run into on your way to the boss…but also treasure so that evens it out. Once you run into a monster, or a monster runs into you, you’ll be thrown into a battle.

Seven Pirates H’s battles are pretty simple here. When it’s one of your teammate’s turn, you’ll be able to attack enemies. It’ll mainly be with your basic attack, but there is up more your sleeve. When you attack or when attacked, the (monster) girl will gain MP. MP goes into the skills these girls have, which will either be the skills they themselves possess or Bobby Kin skills (which we’ll get into who they are soon). These let you do attacks that are more powerful as well as healing your teammatess, buffing them, or debuffing your enemy.

Also, there are two states they will go in: Excited when they have at least 100 MP which will boost their stats and Aroused once it’s filled all the way up, boosting their stats more, negating any buffs and debuffs, and allowing you to do their special skill which is their most powerful attack they can do. However, it will wear off causing MP to go down to 0 and their next turn is skipped.

While yeah, the game is easy, you can put in the extra attention towards your MP levels. You can easily reach Aroused when attacking the regular enemies and considering the bosses, it’s probably best to not go into it with one of them at 0 (especially if it happens that they’re strong against them). So you can keep an eye on it and making sure to use skills to keep them over 100, but not too close to 200 just in case they get attacked. It’s a balancing act that does pay off once you reach the boss and won’t have to sweat about MP not being high enough for what you want, no need, to do.

Both your team and the monsters also has a pheromone type which basically dictates what they are weak against. You won’t really know what you’re going up against beforehand, and you’ll have a double of one when going for a team with one of each type, I really would just recommend going with whoever you like the most. The game is easy enough and as long as you’re battling enemies and keeping up on their equipment you will be able to beat the bosses even if two of your teammates are weak to their attacks.

Outside of battles and dungeons, there are these characters that you’ll find while sailing around or visiting islands called Booby Kin. There are three kinds that brings in their own benefits. Pirates will give you Booby Kin Support skills to use in battle which you’ll find will be helpful during bosses, Merchants will give you more items in the shop, and Scholars will give you info which will lead you to other Booby Kins or treasure (though some are needed to read to continue the story). Booby Kins will also have requests for you to do, asking for specific materials or to defeat enemies, and they can make you equipment with the materials you have.

And of course Booby Training, gotta save it for almost-last. Your team won’t level up normally, instead each teammate (including those not in the A Team) will get H extract for each battle and after a certain amount is reached, a Training Extract is made. This is used to draw the hidden potential from a character’s boobs, aka leveling them up, and Booby Training will have you touching their boobs and manipulating them. You’ll get a base increase of course, but changing the size of a character’s boobs or how soft they are will give them a bonus to their corresponding stat while lowering another. Each way you can alter them has their own also has a certain way you need to interact with their boobs. Want them to have more DEF? Tap them to increase their softness, thus increasing DEF while also decreasing HP.

These alterations towards their boobs will also show up on their character model throughout the rest of the game. It’s a nice touch, but it does get to look ridiculous or funny after a certain point. Especially when you activate the limit break DLC activated. Though, this isn’t going to be a problem if you’re someone that likes huge breasts (which I’m the opposite).

However, this desperately needed what each breast parameter did stat wise. I had to write it down myself just so I wouldn’t need to go back and forth between the tutorial help page and Booby Training.


There is some post game content you can do, as well as having a new game+ option you can jump to. You won’t get torn map parts until after the final boss, which reveals some more requests, Booby Kin, islands, and a postgame dungeon. It’s basically a reskin of an earlier dungeon sadly, but the boss fight is brutal.

The only aspect I missed was that you couldn’t check the enemy’s health as far as I knew. I would have also liked if you could at least see how many turns a teammates Aroused status had left as well. Otherwise, I didn’t mind how easy the game was at times and the difficulty does go up when fighting bosses or the mini-bosses (which I’m including the enemies you can fight on the Monsupi Sea map).


While Seven Pirates H is simpler than I expected, the dungeons are shorter, and the boobs results after Booby Training do get ridiculous looking after a certain point; I actually did end up liking and enjoying the game. I came to like the simplicity and how most of the dungeons were just one or two big areas, the girls are cute, and the story and the interactions between all the characters was entertaining and shined through. I’d say if you want a RPG that’s mostly easy, think the monster girls are cute, and you don’t mind the Booby Training mechanic, pick it up.

Also, Mimi is best monster girl.


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