Pack Master Review (Switch)

Gotta pack, super late

Released: June 11, 2020
Available on: Switch/Mobile
Genre: Puzzle Packer
Developer: Digital Melody Games
Publisher: Forever Entertainment

Bleh, packing. Whether it’s because you’re moving or you’re going somewhere, it’s always stressing getting your bag(s) packed. Making sure you have everything, worrying that you don’t have enough, and fitting everything in all nice and neat. Then stress rears it’s ugly head again if you’re set out to leave, worrying if you have everything and not leaving anything. Well, looks like we have a cute puzzle about packing luggage.
Over a whopping 260 levels spread across 13 locations, you’ll be tasked with packing various items into cute luggage varying in shape and size. From regular rectangle suitcases, to suitcases shaped as cacti and one that is suspiciously familiar to a certain mouse. Each item varies in size, shape, and has a set rotation (so no rotating in hopes to make it fit). No items can be overlapping with each other, and no items can be touching the sides of the suitcase (though you can get it really close to it). Once you pack up every suitcase, you’ll head out to the next location filled with more levels.

There isn’t that much variety thrown in, other than new themed items and the odd level here and there where you’ll be given a small extra suitcase, a suitcase that has two compartments, a level where one of the items is already packed (which you can’t move), or a level where you’ll be given another item after finishing packing since you forgot it initially.

You can choose between moving objects with either the control stick or the touchscreen. The control stick isn’t that precise, but it works well enough of the easier levels. The touchscreen controls are better, as you can easily control where the item is being placed, however the small objects will be hard to see under your finger.

Pack Master’s difficulty fluctuates. You’ll most often find it pretty easy, with every item fitting with no problem, until you come across a sudden spike. This spike may jump medium-ish as you may find yourself having trouble figuring out where every item is meant to go or even hard as everything has to be perfect right down to the pixel. Though, this will go back down to easy levels so you, I’m assuming, can get a little breather. The last two levels, however, will be the hardest, especially if you’re aiming to get all three stars in every level as you’ll be given more items than you have in any other level and be pixel perfect. And this is all as quick as you can so you can finish the level with three stars. The last level, in particular, is a doozy and you will likely be just seconds off or you just couldn’t move the item that one pixel. Or you did, but didn’t stop since you didn’t notice in time; or even worse as you grab a different object.

While only the next level will unlock, if you do get stuck there is a hint system if you get stuck. This will put 1-3 items where they should be, but it will take a star away. This may help you, but this may not as it will take out all the items already placed. Plus this also takes away a star (though, you can easily just restart the level after remembering where the items are). Or, you can even go to the next world as its first level will be unlocked.

If you have someone to play with, there is also a multiplayer option. This is more of a race than anything, as you’ll be going up against them to see who can pack a suitcase faster.

Luggage Packed

If you’re just looking for a simple puzzle game to play while you’re waiting on something, but need one you can easily set down, Pack Master is going to be that puzzle game. It’s simple, cute, has a ton of levels, and the majority of the levels are easy with the spikes of difficulty here and there. It sets out to do one thing and it does it. Though, I probably won’t try to finish it in one day as it is easy to just get tired of it. It took me about 3 hours to complete it, including getting 3 stars in every level) so you might want to wait for a sale or play it on mobile.


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