Cats Organized Neatly Review

Scoot over, gotta make room for another cat!

Released: October 12, 2020
Available on: Steam
Genre: Cute Puzzle
Developer: DU&I
Publisher: DU&I

You can get what this game is about with just looking at the title. Cats Organized Neatly is about you organizing cats in a gridded space. Though, you can’t leave any cat behind or any space empty. Having 80 levels for you to solve, you’ll be given some cats that represent various shapes that blocks can make. You start with a couple alongside some easy levels to ease you into it, while throwing you more cats after certain level milestones. Though, you won’t have it too easy as while the cats are spawned in a certain position, it’s not guaranteed they’ll be going in that way. You’ll have to figure out what rotation they’ll be going in as well, so all the cats will be able to fit.

I’d say it isn’t until level 40-ish until the difficulty is at a level where it gets hard. And by hard, I mean that it isn’t obvious on where the cats should be going. Gone are the levels that you can just look at it and immediately, or maybe need a minute to, figure it out. This is mainly due to having more cats to work with and that the grid becomes more open with the occasional break with just having empty space or it being taken up by a plant.

Of course we have to talk about the art. After all, this is a pretty basic puzzle game otherwise and there will be people picking it up mostly because of the art (like me!). Instead of using boring blocks, we have cute cats! Each possible shape blocks could combine into is it’s own cat with their own unique look. And not only that, but when you pick them up, they meow and their faces change to show how happy they are (of course, you can disable this if you don’t find it as endearing). Not only that, but each of them have their own name and little snippet. Giving them their own personality, with some even justifying why they have the shape that they do, like the long rectangle piece being a spoiled cat that just laying about all day waiting to be put on camera to try on cat costumes.


If you want a simple game where you organize cats so all of them fit in a designated grid, Cats Organized Neatly is for you. Especially if you’re looking for a challenge as the difficulty here climbs with each cat added to your family and each level under your belt. Get ready for a puzzle game too cute for it’s own good.


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