Wholesome Games Direct Recap

More wholesome games to look forward to!

Do you want some wholesome games to play? Well here are 76 upcoming ones (with some already releases)!


  • A Little to the Left
    A cozy puzzle game with over 40 levels where you can satisfyingly clean up messes by sorting, stacking, and organizing household items into precise arrangements. Though, your cat has something else in mind and would rather have chaos. This is coming out on October 21 on Steam and EGS, with a demo available now on itchio.
  • A Walk with Yiayia
    A light adventure visual novel where you take your Grandmother on a walk after she’s lost her confidence after having a scary fall. You’ll also be able to connect with yiayia to have engaging conversations, explore a relaxing world, and complet microquests through this bit-sized adventure. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Alekon
    A photography game where you can photograph dozens of whimsical creatures, solve puzzles to get them to strike an interesting, collectible, pose, and befriend them through unique quests and minigames. This is available now on Steam.
  • Amber Isle
    A shop management/social sim that’s set in a friendly world of prehistoric animal villagers called Paleofolk. You, being the only human here, will be opening up a brand new shop where you’ll be able to craft items and sell them to your clients (who you’ll eventually end up befriending). This has no release window yet (aww), but will release on Steam and Switch.
  • Apico*
    A laid back beekeeping sim game where you’ll be taking care of bees, breeding them, and collecting them. This combines resource gathering, biology, and beekeeping minigames, which are all based on real-life and fantasy apiculture and floriculture. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Battle Cakes
    Indulge in a deliciously delightful world of sweetness when you head out as the cupcake hero to explore the world of Pasteleria and save the day from monsters. Whether that means befriending them or battling them. This is set to release on Steam and Xbox.
  • Bear & Breakfast
    Coming to Steam and Switch hopefully soon, you’ll play a bear who decides to build and run his own bed and breakfast in the woods! It’s up to you to decorate how your bed and breakfast looks, bringing in guests and making them happy, and completing quests and story lines so you can get even more items and perks!
  • Beasts of Maravila Island
    Available now on Steam, EGS, and Switch (and coming later to XBox and PS4), this is a photography game where you play as a wildlife photographer traversing across Maravilla Island. You’ll actually be able to explore the island, take pictures of the animals, learn about their behaviors, and even have them help you in puzzles that will help you get to other areas.
  • Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
    A vivid interaction fiction where an aspiring artists is on the cusp of finishing the final piece of her gallery submission. As she paints and takes the occasional break, you’ll discover the story behind them. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Bird Problems
    Sitcom Narrative Game about an awkward and anxious canary trying to make friends and drink cold drinks (did the devs secretly spy on me?). This will release on Steam.
  • Book of Travels
    Craft a character with their own unique personality and explore the open land of Braided Shore however you choose in this serene TMORPG. This will release on August 9 on Steam.
  • Button City*
    Coming out on Steam, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series, Button City is a cute and colorful low poly narrative adventure about a fox and his friends banding together to save their local arcade in a diorama world. In addition, you’ll be solving puzzles and quests, playing arcade games, and meeting cute animals.
  • Cat Cafe Manager
    Take up the role as the owner of a cat cafe where you’ll decorate, take in stray cats, befriend locals, and manage your staff. There also may be a mysterious cat shrine hidden in the forest. This will release on Steam.
  • Cat Designer Mocha
    Releasing only on mobile devices, play as Mocha as she starts her dream of being a designer. And well, this means doing puzzles where you’ll need to find the correct place for each item.
  • Clawfish
    Available now on Steam, this is a fishing claw machine game set on an isolated train station. While you can play these machines, you can also just relax by the water or explore the dock.
  • Cloud Jumper
    Coming to Steam, this is a chill game where you’ll take the wheel of a flying tug boat to explore a pixel world filled with floating islands, colorful characters, and ancient secrets.
  • Co-open
    Only available on ichio, this is a game about a kid’s first time buying groceries on their own.
  • Dordogne
    A narrative adventure game coming to Steam and Switch where you play as a young woman named Mimi visiting the house of her recently deceased grandmother who left her letters and puzzles to solve. Which ends up putting Mimi on a journey that will have her revisiting her childhood memories.
  • Dreamland: Confectionery
    Coming to Steam and Switch in 2023, you play as Ami who suddenly finds herself in a strange dreamworld full of vibrant creatures, peculiar characters, mysteries, and wonder. You’ll be able to bake for others, ride creatures, and solve environmental puzzles to find the missing pieces needed to wake up.
  • Fire Tonight
    Releasing on Steam and Switch on August 12, this is a narrative puzzle game that focuses on two people during a horrible city fire. Separated and not able to contact each other, Maya may or may not have made a horrible decision to venture out in hopes to reach Devin (who uses this time to reminisce on the memories they made together). As Maya, you’ll be using the ability to rotate the map to solve puzzles, travel, and avoiding barricades, traffic jams, and I don’t know… THE FIRE.
  • Floppy Knights
    Coming to Steam, and taking sing ups for the upcoming Beta on June 25, this is a tactics fused with a card game where you battle with Floppy Knights, tangible projections summoned by floppy disks, so Phoebe and Carlton can battle and get enough money to move out.
  • Fossil Corner
    Available now on Steam, become a retired paleontologist and collect fossils and solve puzzles in your old garage.
  • Freshly Frosted*
    Coming to Steam and consoles, place conveyor belts down in an adorable donut factory to solve puzzles so all the donuts will be decorated and ready to be given to the customers.
  • Frogsong
    Coming to Steam next year, you play as a little frog named Chorus who has big dreams of protecting the world even though everyone expects him to lead a life of religious studies like all the other tree frogs.
    This is being Kickstarted right now until July 12.
  • Game Director Story*
    Coming to Steam and EGS, this is an unflinching and satirical look behind the scenes at how big budget AAA games are made. This is even based on first hand accounts by industry veterans and you have to play as someone that has to guide the team through agonizing decisions and compromises.
  • Garden Story*
    Coming to Steam and Switch, unify a broken community as the newly appointed Guardian of the Grove as you travel through a vibrant island to combat Rot, inspire inhabitants, befriend fruity characters, and rebuild your home.
  • Here Comes Niko!
    Coming to Steam and Switch, this is a cozy 3D platformer from the Hat in Time devs where you play as Niko traveling across scenic islands to make new friends, catch fish, solve puzzles, and more.
  • Hoa
    Releasing to Steam and consoles on August 24, play this beautiful puzzle platformer featuring hand-painted art where you play as Hoa on her journey back to where it all began.
  • Hot Pot For One
    Available now on Steam, it’s time to get through a lonely, cold Christmas night stuck in a foreign country by cooking a hot pot that’s originally intended for 6.
  • KeyWe
    Coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox on August 31, play this co-op puzzler (this does have singleplayer) where you play as two small kiwi birds working in a post office where they need to find their way to levers, bells, and buttons.
  • Kokopa’s Atlas
    Coming to Steam and consoles, join Kokopa and Pollimero after they crashland on a new planet. While they should rebuild their ship, they also should explore around, forage for food, get their farming abilities up to snuff, and start crafting.
  • Kotodama Diary
    Available now only on mobile, this is a slow, relaxing game where the characters evolve based on the words you feed them. You’ll also be able to decorate your room in the meantime!
  • KreatureKind
    Releasing on Steam and Switch, this is a card game where you kill monsters with kindness.
  • Lake
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and Xbox on September 1, play as Meredith as she takes a break from her career to deliver mail in her hometown.
  • Lego Builder’s Journey
    Coming to Steam and Switch very soon on June 22, jump into this Lego geometric puzzle game that will have you following instructions and sometimes breaking the rules.
  • Letters – A Written Adventure*
    A word puzzle game where you play as a shy girl from Switzerland who uses the power of worlds to solve riddles, interact with her pen pals, and tries to decide who she will grow up to be. Coming to Steam and Switch.
  • Loddlenaut
    Coming sometime in 2023 on Steam, you’ll play as an intersteller custodian sent to clean a polluted ocean planet and repurpose the marine debris. You’ll also be able to take care of the axolotl-like aliens.
    The game is currently being Kickstarted right now and will end on July 12.
  • Lonefarm
    Coming to Steam, this is a farming and driving sim where you’ll be caring for and harvesting a wide variety of crops, feed your animals, decorate your cabin, and drive your old van all over the island.
  • Luna’s Fishing Garden
    Coming to Steam very soon on June 16, this is a cozy fishing and building game where you’ll catch fish, trade it in, and create the garden of your dreams.
  • Moonglow Bay
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and Xbox, play as a rookie angler to hone your fishing skills, norish relationships, and restore a remote town’s fractured community.
  • Moonshell Island
    Coming to Steam, this is a magical action RPG where mysterious creatures begin to threaten the peace and you head out to find out why as well as recruiting the islanders to a safe haven.
  • Mythic Ocean*
    Available now on Steam and consoles, this is where you get to teach gods how to create a better universe or to mess it up.
  • Ooblets
    Available now on EGS and XBox in early access, this is a mix of farming and creature collecting where you grow crops to sell and build your team of Ooblets so they can compete in dance offs.
  • Paralives
    Coming to Steam, this is an indie open world life sim where you get to build your own dream house, create some characters, and manage their lives.
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist
    Passpartout is returning where you get to return to the role of a starving artist. It looks like you’ll be traveling in a town, probably lost at where you are, and sell your artwork to those passing by. There’s no word on platforms yet, but it’s safe to assume it’ll at least be on Steam.
  • Pekoe
    Coming to Steam in 2022, this is a cozy game where you blend tea and friendships.
  • Please Be Happy*
    Coming to Steam and consoles, this is a VN taking place in Korea where you play as Miho, who was born as a fox, who is trying to search for a traveler who showed her kindness and spoke about his home. And along the way, she’ll meet other characters like a human barista and a vampire librarian.
  • Power Wash
    Available now on Steam, this is a PowerWash sim where you can fire up your trusty power washer and blast away all the dirt and grime you see away. Leaving the satisfaction of a clean and sparkling finish.
  • Princess Farmer*
    Coming to Steam, become a magical bunny farmer where you play a match-3 minigame to harvest crops while also befriending the characters here, solving mysteries, and collecting some fashionable clothes.
  • Pupperazzi
    Coming to Steam, this is a game where the world is filled with pups ready to have their photo taken.
  • Rainbow Billy
    Coming to Steam and consoles, you’ll be able to save some whimsical creatures with the power of kindness so the World of Imagination can get its color back after the Leviathan cursed it away.
  • Recolit
    Coming to Steam, this mystery adventure game will have you explore a strange town by following the trails of light and helping the mysterious residents by using the illuminated items to progress.
  • RoboCo
    Coming to Steam, this is a sandbox game where you design and build robots to serve the needs of humans. While there are challenges for you to complete, you can build your robot however you want and even put googly eyes on them.
  • Sally
    With no platforms announced yet, this is a game where you embark on a flying transport ship to guide passengers to their destination. But, you do have to craft items, produce food, take care of your crewmates, and maintain the ship if you want to be successful.
  • Seasonspree
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and Switch, this is a game about nurturing friendships and celebrating the changing of seasons as a little tanuki with the ability to control the flow of time by just walking around. When she walks right, she progresses through time, while walking left will have her revisiting days she’s already been to.
  • Shashingo
    Coming to Steam, this is a photography game where you can learn Japanese by taking photos. You’ll be put into a fictional Japanese city street where each photo will translate the name of what you took into Japanese.
  • SkateBird
    Coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox on August 12, you can play a tiny bird that grinds on straws, kickflips over staplers, and carve lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks.
  • Snacko
    Coming to Steam and Switch next year, you’ll be able to start a new life on a seemingly deserted island and unravel its mysteries as you rebuild a community, farm, fish, and explore the island.
  • Soup Pot
    Coming to Steam and XBox, you’ll be able to cook freely with a soup pot. While there will be 100 recipes to unlock, you can just cook however you like.
  • Spirit Swap
    Coming to Steam next year, this is an action puzzle game where you cast powerful spells by arraging spirits into special patterns while listening to a lofi soundtrack.
  • Tasomachi
    Available now on PC and coming soon to consoles, this is a game where you play as a young girl as she arrives at a town after her airship breaks down and decides to explore. Except, it’s eerily silent and empty.
  • Teacup
    Coming soon to Steam, a cute narrative adventure game that puts a focus on exploration and non-linear progression where you help a small and shy frog find ingredients she needs for her tea party.
  • The Garden Path
    Coming to Steam, this is a slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening and the small pleasures that follow. Other than gardening, you’ll be able to fish, hang out with friends you make, and trade.
  • The Gecko Gods
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and consoles next year, explore a mysterious island as a tiny lizard, complete ancient puzzles, and eat bugs.
  • The Magnificent Trufflepigs
    Available now on Steam, EGS, and Steam, this is a romantic metal-detecting game where you play as Adam helping Beth on her mission to unearth a local treasure. But, there’s cracks in her plan and will have you delve into her history.
  • The Outbound Ghost
    Coming to Steam and Switch next year, this is a cute adventure game where you play as a ghost figuring out the cause of their own death while helping others come to the terms with the afterlife.
  • Toodee and Topdee*
    Coming to Steam, this is a 2D platformer where you can solve puzzles by switching between Toodee’s 2D view and Topdee’s top-down view to bring back the balance to the universe.
  • Tracks of Thought*
    Coming to Steam, a self exploration RPG where you confront fellow passengers in a card-based conversation system to discover more about yourself and the destination you’re heading towards. Your deck will be based on your personality with more cards being collectible through experience or as a reward from other passengers.
  • Unpacking
    Coming to Steam, this is a relaxing game where you go throughout the years unpacking boxes and putting the items up where they go (or loosely go for some items).
  • Venba
    Coming out on Steam, this is a narrative cooking game (take my money already) where you play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. You’ll cook various dishes, restore lost recipes, hold branching conversations, and explore this story about family, love, loss, and more.
  • We Are OFK
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and Switch, this is the story of how four friends came together to release their debut music without throwing anything in frusturation. This will be a making-of-the-band series and an interactive EP about dreaming, dating, and paying rent in Los Angelos.
  • Witchery Academy
    Coming to Steam and Switch, this is a life sim where you live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your spirit companion, train your magical skills, learn to brew potions, grow vegetables, and catch spells to challenge the curse that lurks around. Guess I have to play this game now!
  • Witchy Life Story
    Another game I have to play that’s coming to Steam next year, this is a witchy life sim where you tend to your garden, craft spells, befriend local villagers, and help sort out their lives and maybe yours too.
  • Woodo
    Coming to itchio and Switch next year, this is a puzzle game with an art syle inspired by wooden construction toys.
  • Wytchwood
    Coming to Steam, this is a crafting adventure game set in a land of gothic fables and fairytales where you play as the old witch of the woods (I see a game for me), explore a strange countryside, collect magic ingredients, brew spells, and pass judgements on a cast of characters.
  • Yokai Inn
    With only word on this coming to PC and mobile, with the possibility on Switch, this is a slice-of-life sim where you’re forced to take shelter in an abandoned inn… which ends up springing to life with otherworldly patrons as soon as the sun sets.


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