Don’t Forget to Check Out LudoNarraCon!

Another year, another LudoNarraCon. Come check it out before it ends on April 26!

It’s that time of year again and LudoNarraCon has returned! The things that happen the one time you decide to sleep in eh? LudoNarraCon, organized by Fellow Traveler, focuses on showcasing narrative video games both released and upcoming that gamers might not have heard before. While giving those that have been looking forward to certain games some behind the scenes content from developers participating. Not only will developers have livestreams for Q&As, showing off behind the scenes stuff, and panels, but there will be discounts and demos for everyone to try out.

This is continuing until April 26 so check it out before then, especially if you’re intending to check out the demos. Remember, even if you already downloaded the demo, you most likely won’t be able to still play it if it gets removed after the event ends. So make sure you play them ASAP!

You can also contribute by purchasing their Supporter Pack (which is about $7) which will grant you a music album, wallpapers, and an exclusive game called Cyrano (by the developers behind Kind Words) which is an adaptation of a stage play. It looks like this will be available for about a month after LudoNarraCon before it gets taken down.

Website | Steam Page | Supporter Pack

Want to know what games are offering demos?

  • A Space for the Unbound
    A slice-of-life adventure set in 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and a relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers.
  • Ambition: A Minuet in Power
    Set in 18th century Paris, play as a woman of fashion trying to survive political turmoil. Date unforgettable characters, amass wealth, gain respect that you deserve, engage in gossip, and try to avoid being executed.
  • Beacon Pines
    A cute and creepy adventure game within a magical storybook where you play both as the reader (where you’ll be able to influence where the story goes and go back to certain points to branch out into other routes) and as its main character (where you’ll play out the story and collect word charms that help you on the reader side).
  • Button City
    A colorful low poly adventure about cute animals (where you play Fennel the fox) exploring a diorama world as they try to save their favorite arcade from being torn down.
  • Chicory
    From the creators of Wandersong and Celeste (both of which, I absolutely recommend), you’ll be able to take control of Chicory as she finds herself in a situation where the world loses all cover. Luckily, she is the wielder of The Brush.
  • Do NOT Buy This Game
    Well, the game does say not to buy it.
  • Forgotten Fields
    Available now, this is a cozy narrative game about Sid, a struggling writer who travels back to his childhood home one last time before it’s sold off.
  • Game Director Story
    A satirical, unflinching look into the behind-the-scenes aspects of how AAA games are based. This is based on first-hand accounts where players will be able to experience the emotional roller coaster themselves.
  • Genesis Noir
    Available now, jump into this noir adventure spanning time and space where a love triangle between cosmic beings becomes a bitter confrontation. You’ll need to jump into the expanding universe to find a way to save your love.
  • I was a Teenage Exocolonist
    Explore, grow up, and fall in love on an alien planet in this life sim with card-based battles. Your choices and the skills you master over 10 years will determine how your life goes and the survival of your colony.
  • Kraken Academy
    Welcome to Kraken Academy where you’ll be able to make friends, free spirits, and make sure the world doesn’t end. No pressure though! You’ll be able to join forces with a magical kraken to manipulate a time loop to help save the world.
  • Lake
    It’s 1986 and you’re playing as Meredith Weiss who has taken a break from her career in the big city to deliver mail in her hometown. It’s up to you how she’ll experience these two week in Providence Oaks.
  • Later Daters
    Out now, with Chapter 2 just releasing, you arrive at your new retirement home, or should it be called paradise, where you’ll be able to find love.
  • Love Shore
    Play as either Sam or Farah as they attempt to navigate the neon thrills of their cyberpunk city Love Shore, solve some murders, fight gods, and maybe fall in love in the process.
  • Mind Scanners
    As a Mind Scanner you have a duty to the citizens of The Structure. And that is to pick a patient off of that long list, diagnose them, and treat them if you think they need treatment. Though, it looks like your devices aren’t so harmless. You can’t really complain, especially since they have your daughter…
  • Minute of Islands
    Explore strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths as you guide a young mechanic Mo on her quest to repairing a world that’s on the edge of collapse. Though, it might not be enough to fix the damage beneath the surface.
  • Murder Mystery Machine
    Join the District Crime Agency as a detective where you’ll investigate a series of crimes in a modern noir setting featuring unique puzzle-solving and deduction gameplay.
  • No Longer Home
    Immerse yourself in the lives of Bo and Ao and learn about their dreams, frustrations, and fears as they’re about to graduate university and leave the flat they’ve lived in together.
  • Not for Broadcast
    Available now, take control of the National Nightly News where you control what the people see and determine what’s broadcasted or not. Of course, this universe is controlled by a radical government.
  • Nuts
    Available now, this is a surveillance mystery where you’ll put down your cameras to record the squirrels here, write down your findings, and try to piece together the mystery of Melmoth Forest.
  • Out There: Oceans of Time
    Explore a vast galaxy where you’ll recruit an alien crew and journey across uncharted worlds where you’ll scavenge and trade for resources to maintain your ship and pursue the Archon.
  • She Dreams Elsewhere
    A surreal adventure RPG where you traverse an ethereal dreamscape, confront your inner nightmares, and escape from a never-ending coma.
  • Song of Farca
    Play as Isabella Song, a hacker PI, where you’ll hack into cameras, phones, and computers as well as question suspects, analyze evidence, and draw conclusions.
  • Spiritfarer
    Available now, jump into this cozy management game about dying as you play a ferrymaster to the deceased. Build a boat to explore the world, care for the spirits that find themselves to you, and guide them across the mystical seas so they can make it into the afterlife.
  • Svoboda 1945 Liberation
    This is a historical adventure taking place in Czech borderlands after WW2 where you’ll reveal the scars of past and forgotten injustices.
  • Teacup
    A wholesome and cute narrative game that focuses on exploration and non-linear progression as you help a small, shy frog to find the ingredients she needs for her tea party.
  • Tunic
    An action adventure where you play as a tiny fox in a big world where you’ll explore the wilderness, discover spooky ruins, and fight creatures from long ago.
  • The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark
    Join the Darkside Detective again in this sequel through 6 more cases that will bring him to a carnival, a local retirement home, an amateur wrestling circuit, and even Ireland to keep the Darkside at bay. This is out now.
  • The Invisible Hand
    Hey mate, wanna get rich quick? Don’t worry, this isn’t scam. Come on into FERIOS where you’ll be able to pursue your dreams of wealth and success as a stockbroker.
  • The Longest Road
    A collection of thoughtful short stories, that doesn’t have dialog or text so you can interpret it yourself, that will let players be swept away by what’s happening alongside the 20 original songs.
  • Umurangi Generation
    A first person photography game set in Tauranga Aotearoa off the back of an impending crises where you’re a courier for the Tauranga Express. As you continue through the game, you’ll unlock more equipment variety where you’ll be able to make your photos even better so they can score better. This is available now.
  • Unpacking
    We all hate moving and having to unpack, but it’s not so bad when it’s virtual. This is where this game comes in as you’ll be unpacking items and putting them where they go (with some leeway on letting you put them wherever you want them to be).
  • Venice 2089
    Explore a future Venice that’s struggling with the effects of rising water that has been slowly destroying the city as a bored teenager. Just chill out, ride on your hoverboard, meet the various characters, and fill your house-boat with objects to remember this by. Hopefully, the waters won’t block your path too much.
  • Wayward Strand
    A heartfelt interactive story where you play as Casey, a teenage journalist, as she visits an airborne hospital for the first time. You’ll be able to uncover the airship’s mysteries as well as find out the lives of its inhabitants.


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