The Lion’s Song: Episode 4 – Closure Review

“Wilma? A prodigy? Lol no.” Otto, Wilma perfectly played violin her first time holding one. I think she is.

Released: July 13, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Developer: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH
Publisher: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH

Oh, what a ride we had. Starting as a young violinist named Wilma struggling to make her debut piece; then as an up-and-coming painter named Franz who can see people’s layers, but not his own; and lastly as Emma, a female mathematician who disguised herself as a man so she could get help on her theory. In the last Lion’s Song Episode, Closure, we actually join in on the people who got on a train at the beginning of each episode. It turns out, each of them were involved with Wilma/Franz/Emma in some degree, with Bert hearing it all (and possibly writing it down?).

From episode 1, Wilma’s brother, Otto, tells the story of her sister. Not what happened after her concert, though he will play her piece, but before she left for Vienna. You’ll get to see when she was discovered, when she first started playing (and how gifted she was from the start), and how she always took inspiration from the world around her. Next, you’ll join Paul from episode 2. Paul is a forger and while he didn’t necessarily have contact with Franz, Franz was his favorite artist to copy. Lastly, you’ll see what happened after Emma’s showdown with Zahler from Theodor’s perspective. Being one of Emma’s students, Theodor retells Emma’s relationship with some of the students, how the other Radius members are doing, and Emma’s future plans to his companions. Once all three of them finish, it’s revealed that they enlisted (or drafted) to fight in World War 1. With Bert, this episode’s protagonist who was writing all this down, being a lieutenant who will hopefully publish their, and other’s, stories someday.

Closure holds most of what your decisions amounted to as well. You get to see how Franz’s painting turned out and what happened depending on if you humiliated Zahler or not, with the rest showing up in the closing scenes (like Wilma’s future if she wanted to be with Arthur or go back home and how successful her song was). The closing scenes not only showed what happened to the three main protagonists, but to the ones that were connected to them. Sadly, we don’t get any word on how Bert turned out.

This is the perfect time to talk about The Lion’s Song’s Connections, which I believe wasn’t available till this episode came out. Each episode has their own art gallery-esque room that displays the connection other episodes had with it. Like the painting Franz painted at the end of episode 2 will be in episode 4’s gallery. This does mean if you’re intending to get all the achievements, you’ll have to replay The Lion’s Song a lot. Hopefully you haven’t been replaying each episode to get the achievements before continuing on. While you replay from a decision, if you messed up anywhere, you’ll have to restart again. Not to mention that some connections require you to restart the chapter again anyway (like gaining Grete’s affections).

However, this messes up the timeline for episode 1. Even though Wilma’s song is played at the beginning of episode 2 and she makes an appearance in episode 3 (as well as Leos showing up if you encouraged him to call Nikol), the connections imply that it took place after. Wilma can find Franz’s sketch of her if you decided to sell it, Emma’s name will be in the Elements of Change book, and a letter will change if you won Grete’s affection as Franz or not. I get the intention, but it doesn’t work out since Wilma wrote her song first.

While Closure doesn’t necessarily give us closure for each character we met, it did show us a perspective outside of the three protagonists and how they touched the world around them. Not to mention that we finally get to see when The Lion’s Song took place in a surprising reveal. Well, unless you were curious if Klimt from episode 2 was real (fun fact, the painting he’ll paint with the special paint seems to be the portrait of Adele Bloch-Buer). I do wish we got some more episodes for The Lion’s Song, but what we have is great. If Mi’pu’mi Games decides to bring us another game, I will certainly be ready to play it in a heartbeat.


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