The Lion’s Song: Episode 3 – Derivation Review

I’ll show them

Released: May 16, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Developer: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH
Publisher: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH

In Silence, we followed Wilma as she composed a new violin piece for possibly the most important concert in her career. Then in Anthology, we meet the up-and-coming painter Franz and got to see how he built his paintings by seeing the layers of his subjects. So who is next before we get to the finale?

Well in Episode 3 – Derivation, we move away from music and painting to get into mathematics. We play as Emma Recniczek, a mathematician working on a theory about change. Finding herself stuck, she seeks out a group of mathematicians called The Radius in hopes that they will help. However, no one takes her seriously. Finding it hilarious that a woman is calling herself a mathematician, Zahler (The Radius’ leader) mocks and shoos her away without letting Emma prove herself. Without letting Emma show him what she’s been working on. On top of this, Emma’s father recently passed away and she is given his personal effects per his request.

After working at the library and trying to get some progress on her theory, a wrong turn to the market sparks an idea. Using her father’s clothes, Emma becomes Emil. If Emma, a woman, can’t get into The Radius and be taken seriously, then perhaps disguising herself as a man would. As Emma’s story continues, you’ll get to see their journey towards solving her change theory, how joining The Radius turns out, and the struggle with determining their identity as Emma changes into Emil and vice versa.

It’s also good to note that Emma/Emil’s thought process with solving math problems is also shown. Appearing right beside or right in front of them, you’ll use your mouse to find the solution.

Derivation continues the trend of having the episodes connected in some way. Of course, you’ll run into Franz when he asks Emil to model for him and you can run into Klimt in the market. Wilma makes a quick appearance as well as Grete. Nikol, the little girl Emma talks to, was also briefly mentioned in Silence and depending on your choices regarding Leos, you’ll also get a small section with him here.

While The Lion’s Song Episode 3 – Derivation deals with someone in the mathematics field, the story of Emma/Emil is still compelling. It also made me want to punch Zahler throughout the whole thing. After playing through most of the episodes, I still recommend picking up The Lion’s Song Season Pass.


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