The Lion’s Song: Episode 2 – Anthology Review

Paint me like one of your onions

Released: November 21, 2016
Available on: Steam
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Developer: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH
Publisher: Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH

First we visited Wilma, a talented young violinist who struggled with her writer’s block, in Silence. Struggling with having to make perhaps the most important piece of her musical career in a solitary cabin that Arthur Caban (a professor who convinced her to perform this new piece) provided. Even though it’s been around 2 years since, I still remember how much it impacted me and it’s even more relatable now more than ever (even though I’m wanting to make violin covers than write my own pieces).

In Anthology, we get to met Franz Markert, an up-and-coming painter with a dream of immortalizing his name within Vienna. Franz isn’t just any painter that you’ll come across, he has an unique ability that sets his portraits from the others. He can see the many layers people have, whether they try to hide it or not, and puts what he sees on the canvas. Bringing their personality, flaws, and emotions to the forefront. However, for someone that can see other’s layers, he can’t see his own. So while you talk with others, pick your next model, and try to impress Grete (a harsh critic), Franz will get closer to figuring out his own layers. To finally get to know himself after getting to know countless others.

The best part of Anthology has to be how they showed Franz’s ability. I remember back when I first played Silence that I was wondering how they would tackle this aspect. Now that I finally played this episode, I’m not disappointed. The layers that he can see fades in and is an extension of whoever has it. We first see that it’s sometimes based on first impressions as these layers will often show up beside people that he passes. Fading in and out as he passes them. Then we see what they’re mostly based on, conversation. Franz focuses on how others hold themselves and how they choose their words. If Franz chose them as a model, he also asks personal questions and makes sure they are as comfortable as possible. Depending on your dialogue choices here, Franz will see a different layer and his painting will change accordingly. Lastly, we see that some layers can even linger past a quick hello. Leaving just an outline till these layers leaves Franz’s mind.

Since everyone featured in The Lion’s Song is connected and happening around the same time, there are references to the previous episode, Silence, and the next one, Derivation. Wilma is shown to be one of the many models Franz had and Emil makes an appearance with the possibility of being a model. Much like Silence, there is a perfect run so make sure you use a guide if you want to get all the achievements. Just don’t try to get them all in one day

The Lion’s Song: Episode 2 Anthology continues to be as impactful and beautiful as Episode 1 was. Managing to quickly get the player to be familiar with Franz and connect with his struggles even if you’re not an artist. While I recommend Episode 2, I suggest picking up the Season Pass. Since the first episodes were handled with care and wonderful experiences, I doubt the next two are anything less.


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