Future Games Show Recap

More games to look forward to, with a surprise release.



  • A Tale of Paper*
    A puzzle platformer coming to Steam that tells the story of a character made out of paper who can use origami to change its shape. This is coming to Steam.
  • Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed
    Being a HD update of the first Akiba’s Trip game, this takes place in a time where you are forcibly turned into a supernatural creature with a weakness towards sunlight. Disagreeing with the organization that turned you, they start going after you and the only way to get them off your back is to beat their clothes off. This is set to release on July 20 on Steam, Switch, and PS4.
  • Batora: Lost Haven
    Combining hack and slash with twin-stick shooter features, you play as Avirl who is the only one who can attempt to save her planet with her new physical and mental powers she was just gifted with. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Beacon Pines
    A cute and creepy adventure game within a magical storybook where you play both as the reader (where you’ll be able to influence where the story goes and go back to certain points to branch out into other routes) and as its main character (where you’ll play out the story and collect word charms that help you on the reader side).
  • Chernobylite
    Coming out of early access in July, which will also mark the release on PS4 and XBox One, this is an RPG survival horror game that mixes free exploration with challenging combat, crafting, and a non-linear sci-fi story. You’ll be playing as a physicist, who also happens to be an ex employee of the power plant, that sets out to investigate the mysterious disappearances of your loved ones. And with the military here as well as another presence, good thing this physicist was smart enough to bring in a team.
  • Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View
    Play as a retired detective as he launches his own investigation after a 8 year old girl is reported missing and everyone in Dahlia View is acting strange. This will come out on Steam and consoles.
  • Deathrun TV*
    Wanna give some entertainment to the masses while scoring yourself some rewards in the meantime? Well come to Deathrun TV, a 24 hour game show where contestants risk it all by dodging bullets and shooting up swarms of rabid mutants all at a breakneck speed. This will come out on Steam and consoles.
  • Definitely Not Fried Chicken
    A business management sim where you grow and sell your own drugs while hiding it behind a seemingly legitimate business. This will come out on Steam.
  • Dice Legacy
    A dice-based survival city builder that’s strangely on a huge ringworld. You’ll roll and use your dice to gather resources so you can expand, defend against attacks, survive against harsh weathers, and interact with others that live here. Let’s hope you maxed out your Luck. This will come out on Steam and Switch.
  • Dome-King Cabbage
    A VN coming to PC about a cloud person nervously making their way to a job interview and has to grapple with their ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG.
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human
    One of the last human settlements is on the brink of collapse and it’s up to your agility and your combat skills to survive and shape the world. This is release on Steam, XBox and Playstation on December 7.
  • Eldest Souls
    A fast paced and challenging boss rush soulslike where you go up against the Old Gods in vengeneance due to them unleashing a great Desolation. This will come out on Steam and consoles on July 29.
  • Enlisted
    A MMO squad based shooter coming to PC, XBox Series, and PS5 set during WW2 where you act as an infantry squad leader, tank crew, or aircraft pilot. You control one soldier directly while others will be controlled by AI that will follow your order, with you being able to switch between soldiers when needed.
  • Esports Boxing Club
    An boxing club sim where you work from the bottom to become the World Champion in Career Mode or fight online in Ranked and Unranked Mode. This is also made to showcase nextgen visuals and featuring licensed boxers, institutions, and governing bodies. This will come out on Steam.
  • Gamedec*
    A single player cyberpunk isometric RPG where you are a game detective that solves crimes inside virtual worlds (where can I sign up?). You’ll need to use your wits to gather info and find out who did it. Though, you will eventually make mistakes and the game will adapt to any decision you choose. This is coming September 16 to Steam and Switch.
  • Gatewalkers*
    A co-op action RPG with survival elements that have players travel across different procedurally generated worlds, face hostile inhabitants, face extreme weather conditions, and try to survive. Coming to Steam.
  • Gestalt: Steam & Cinder
    Join Aletheia, an elite mercenary of Irkalla, as she races to discover the secrets of the Steam City of Canaan and fight for mankind’s survival by using your sword and gun to fight off enemies. This will come out on Steam and Switch.
  • Get Packed: Fully Loaded
    A 1-4 player physics based co-op game that is the expanded edition where you remove items. This will release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox.
  • Greak: Memories of Azure
    A side scrolling game where you play as three siblings and guide them through the lands of Azur. Each have their own unique abilities that will help you solve puzzles, fight enemies, and escape from the invasion coming towards their home. This will come out on Steam and consoles on August 17.
  • Grow: Song of the Evertree
    With the Evertree only a sapling now, everyone has tried to get it to grow to its previous glory to no avail. Well, that was before you came along. As the last of the Everheart Alchemists, it’s your duty to care for the Evertree and this means you’ll be learning to craft World Seeds that will grow into new worlds. This looks like it’ll be a relaxing game as you can explore, get to know and help the community, and build your dream town on top of your Evertree duties. This will release on Steam, PS4, and XBox One.
    This also has a wishlist campaign which, depending on how many wishlist this game, will add photo mode and selfie mode into the game, the team will plant trees, and will increase the launch discount up to 20%.
  • Happy Game*
    When this little boy fell asleep, he didn’t have a nice dream but a horrible nightmare. A nightmare where everyone is smiling. And not the kind that is warming, but the kind that puts chills running down your being. This will come out on Steam and Switch.
  • Harold Halibut
    A handmade narrative game where you play as Harold who lives on an ark-like spaceship that fled an Earth on the verge of cold war and had it submerged in an alien ocean. And while most of the inhabitants reconciled with this reality, the lead scientist is working tirelessly to get the ship out and onto new land. This is coming to Steam, Playstation, and XBox.
  • Hell Let Loose
    Available now on Steam in Early Access, this is a WW2 shooter where you can fight in the iconic battles of the Western Front, with 9 maps available for you to play through. With 14 roles to choose from, different weapons, vehicles, and equipments, it’s time to brush up on your teamwork during these 50 vs 50 multiplayer battles. This will get a full release on July 27 on Steam, PS5, and XBox Series.
  • Hokko Life
    Attempting to fill in the void of Animal Crossing not being on PC, it’s time to relax in your new life in Hokko as you take over an old workshop where you can craft materials and design anything you want. You’ll also be able to decorate however you want, fish, and catch bugs. This is out now in Early Access on Steam.
  • Honey, I Joined A Cult
    Honey, it’s time to start a cult! Build, design, and decorate your cult headquarters, choose what everyone wears, make your cult appealing when you go recruiting, care for your cult so they won’t be tempted to leave, and manage them. We want everyone to be happy so they will agree to anything and everything. Coming to Steam.
  • Immortality
    From the developer behind Her Story, and was named as Project Ambrosio, discover the lost, unreleased movies of Marissa Marcel after she mysteriously disappears. This will come out on Steam next year.
  • Instinction
    A narrative driven action adventure that will have you sneaking around deadly dinosaurs and fight them if you happen to run into them. This will release sometime next year.
  • Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor
    A light hearted action game where you play as a past-his-prime Corbo so he can maybe mend his family ties, earn his masters trust back, and stabilize his health. All while meeting people along the way and helping them out with his Janitor skills. This will come out on PC and XBox.
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2
    Coming later this year, this is an upcoming dinosaur park management game coming to Steam, EGS, Playstation, and XBox that will contain an original story set after Fallen Kingdom and will give you deeper management tools and creative options.
  • KeyWe
    Coming to Steam, Switch, and Xbox on August 31, play this co-op puzzler (this does have singleplayer) where you play as two small kiwi birds working in a post office where they need to find their way to levers, bells, and buttons.
  • Fire Commander
    Put your (virtual) life on the line as you get in the shoes of a firefighter as you lead your team to a tactical battle against fires. This will come out on Steam, Playstation, and XBox.
  • Kings of Seas*
    An action RPG game set in a procedural pirate world where only adventure, fights, and treasures hidden on lost islands awaits you. This is available now on Steam and consoles.
  • Lake
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and Xbox on September 1, play as Meredith as she takes a break from her career to deliver mail in her hometown.
  • Lust From Beyond: M Edition
    A new version of Lust From Beyond where you play as Victor who has been tormented by visions of a sinister land where there’s no difference between pain and pleasure. From what the developers have stated, this removes the sexual themes of the original release only (covering up and changing models as well as reworking the explicit content). This will come out on Steam.
  • Minute of Islands
    Getting a surprise release after announcing a delay a few months ago, play as a young mechanic named Mo as she explores strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths that also happens to contain some puzzles to do with your trusty staff. This is available now on Steam and consoles.
  • OlliOlli World
    Being the third entry in the OlliOlli series, you’ll be able to grind, trick, and air your way through the vibrant world of Radland where you aim to find the mystical skate gods. Though, you’ll also be coming across new friends, missions, challenges, and multiple paths for every level as you continue on your journey. This is set to release this Winter on Steam and Switch.
  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat
    You can finally get both Overcooked games, along with their DLCs, in one game that also remasters them from scratch. There are 7 new levels and 3 new chefs, with some promised updates coming along. This is available now on Steam and consoles.
  • Project Ferocious
    A survival shooter where you discover a lost prehistoric world filled with deadly creatures under the control of hostile forces. You’ll be able to uncover the truth as you explore the island and try to stay alive. This will come out on Steam, Playstation, and Xbox in 2023.
  • Ranch Sim*
    Do you have the skills to turn your family’s rundown homestead to the most prosperous ranch around? Well, it’s time to put that (possible) confidence to the test where you can rebuild the ranch, purchase tools, take care of livestock, explore the open world, and maybe play with a friend. This is available now on Steam in early access.
  • Red Solstice 2
    Plan out and infiltrate a RTS battlefield with up to 7 squad members to survive against the STROL virus and secure a future for humanity. This will come out on Steam on June 17.
  • Rune Factory 4 Special
    Rune Factory 4 Special is now not going to be just on the Switch as it’s going to make its way to Steam and other consoles where you can finally arrive to Selphia (with amnesia) where you have a mix of a farming sim and a RPG.
  • Rune Factory 5
    Sadly, Rune Factory 5 has been pushed back to next year, so we have to wait longer to dive into the new RUne Factory entry where you will arrive in a small town blessed by nature. You lose your memory of course, but this will include both a farming sim and RPG side and new characters to talk to, date, and bring along while you’re battling it out.
    I’m glad this finally got officially announced! This is a game where you take on the challenge of jumping through shadows and avoiding touching anything the light touches. This will come out on Steam.
  • Severed Steel*
    A Stylish and visceral singleplayer FPS where you play as Steel, a one armed sharpshooter, on a mission. Though there’s a catch, you can’t reload. This will release on Steam, PS4, and XBox One.
  • Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle
    Based on the anime, this is set out to be more in line with it and contain a story alongside its card game. I’m ready to be terrible at another card game on August 10 on Switch.
  • Sheltered 2
    A brutal survival management sim set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you need to keep your faction alive by maintaining your shelter, scavenging the world for resources, and befriending other factions you meet. Or conquer them if you think you can or they cause way too much trouble for yours. This will come out on Steam.
  • Silt
    Dive alone into a surreal underwater abyss to uncover a long forgotten mystery, possess creatures, and solve environmental puzzles. Coming to Steam next year.
  • Sonic Colors Ultimate
    An upgrade to 2010’s Sonic Colors, this sets out to bring fresh visuals, features, a new mode, and improved gameplay enhancements to bring the ultimate Sonic Colors experience. This will come out on EGS and consoles.
  • Starmancer
    Take on the role of a powerful AI to build space ports, secret labs, and incubators while defending your humans against starvation, sabotage and space zombies. This will come out on Steam on August 5.
  • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
    Out now on Steam and Switch, but heading to the other consoles in the Fall, you can finally start your farming life in Mineral Town where you can restore your grandfather’s farm to its former glory and connect with those that live in Mineral Town.
  • Super Magbot*
    A precise platformer where you can’t jump, but instead use your magnetic powers to get through levels as fast as you can. This will come out on Steam and Switch on June 22.
  • Tails of Iron
    An epic RPG adventure where you play as a heir to the Rat Throne… except you need to go on a perilous quest to reclaim your kingdom, find brave companions, and banish the Frog clan. This will come out on Steam and consoles.
  • Trifox*
    A twin-stick action adventure game that features a talented fox that sets out to get those mysterious looters that had the bad idea to raid his home. With three classes to choose from (Warrior, Mage, and Engineer), which he can mix and match, they have no chance. This is set to release on Steam and all consoles.
  • The Riftbreaker*
    A base building survival game with action RPG elements where you are an elite scientist commando in an adavanced mecha suit capable of dimensional rift travel. This is coming to Steam.
  • Timberborn*
    With all the humans gone, it’s up to beavers to take over the building an efficient city, Coming to Steam in Early Access.
  • Two Point Campus
    It’s time to build the university of your dreams where you’ll build, hire staff, and run a university packed with wild courses. And those that loved Two Point Hospital will love this one. This is coming next year on Steam, Playstation, and XBox.
  • Warcry: Challenges
    A skill based FPS where you make use of various powers to go through challenging short levels and brutal gunfights as you fight to be in first place through 180 challenges. This will come out on Steam.
  • Winter Survival Simulator*
    What should have been a nice winter hike (which was your first mistake) in Mount Washington State Park with friends turned into a dire situation as you and your friends must find a way to stay warm enough to not die of hypothermia, find a way to get more food after your small supplies (second mistake) runs out, and make your way to an abandoned ranger station to call for help. Will you live long enough to be rescued or will you die? This will come out on Steam.


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