Freedom Games Showcase Recap

Short and sweet, I like that.



  • Airborne Kingdom
    A city sky builder where you get to grow a unique town that’s among the clouds and continues to travel. Coming to consoles this year.
  • Anuchard
    A fantasy action RPG where you play as the Bellweilder that must go down into the Dungeon and work to restore Anuchard to its former glory by killing monsters, solving puzzles, and and saving villagers. Coming to Steam and Xbox next year.
  • Cat Cafe Manager
    Take up the role as the owner of a cat cafe where you’ll decorate, take in stray cats, befriend locals, and manage your staff. There also may be a mysterious cat shrine hidden in the forest. Coming to Steam and Switch next year.
  • Coromon*
    A monster-taming JRPG-like where you can explore a charming world filled with puzzles, interesting creatures you can tame, and use them to battle against other monsters, other people you come across, or bosses. This has been delayed to next year and will be arriving on Steam and Switch.
  • Dark Deity
    Coming to Steam, command legendary heroes to reshape a land that has been fractured by broken oaths, wars, and arcane powers. There will be 30 playable characters that can form bonds and claim powerful weapons and artifacts.
  • Dreamscaper
    Coming on August 12 to Switch (as well as coming out of early access on Steam), deep dive into your subconscious and discover powerful artifact to conquer your nightmares. Though, you may end up dying a lot.
  • Monster Outbreak
    A 2D pixel game where you need to survive waves of monsters coming from every direction. You can increase your odds by enhancing your weapons and building a strong base. Coming to Steam.
  • One Lonely Outpost
    I was already interested in this game, but I’m even more interested now. This is a farming sim where you start a farming colony and attempt to grow it into a thriving community. While also making time to mine, explore, and socialize. We also got a look at some minigames which include caring for plants and cooking (!!). Coming to Steam next year in early access.
  • Sands of Aura
    An open world action adventure where you’ll sail across sandseas to return life to a dying world. Coming to Steam in early access.
  • Slaughter League
    Survive an onslaught of twisted obstacles in a brutal game show. If you want to win, you’ll have to master dodging a lot of deadly traps. Coming to Steam next year.
  • To The Rescue! A Dog Shelter Simulator
    A dog shelter sim where you take in dogs, care for them, and find their perfect forever home. You’ll be able to upgrade your shelter, learn a dog’s preference so you can match them with a human, have to make tough decision, and deal with outbreaks. Coming later this year to Steam and Switch.
  • Tower Rush
    An action packed unit recruitment survival game that pits your units against an onslaught of enemies. Set to release on Steam.


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