Guerrilla Collective 2 Day 1 and 2 Recap

So… many… games…

The Guerilla Collective has returned for a second year and had two days worth of livestreaming where they showed off some games (both upcoming and released) and some panels. Here, I’ll be combining the two days worth of game announcements into one. Guerilla Collective has a featured Steam page (which you may have already noticed) and some games do have demos available (Which I’ll mark with a “*” here).

Without any further ado:


  • Aeon Drive*
    In this action-platformer, you’ll be rushing through the cyberpunk landscapes of Neo Barcelona as you take your speedrunning skills (or lack thereof if you’re like me) to sprint and dash through. Though, we do have Jackelyne’s ability of time warping to save us from the frustration of repetition. This is set to release on Steam on consoles.
  • AK-xolotl*
    Looks like this axolotl is using its cuteness to its advantage. And, as you can guess, you play as an axoltl that somehow got its little hands on an AK and goes on a hangry rampage. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Akatori
    Play as Mako in this metroidvania-styled adventure as she embarks on a quest to save the world. She even has the power to switch between two different parallel dimensions as she explores a fantasy world with a sleeping ancient God. This will release on Steam.
  • Among Us
    It’s hard not to have already heard about Among Us already, where you and up to 9 others must complete tasks while finding out who the imposter is (with the imposter killing the crewmates and sabotaging them), and it looks like this has a road map that includes adding 15 player support, new colors, graphics updates, a new map, and new ways to play (including the fan favorite Hide ‘n’ Seek).
  • Anew: The Distant Light*
    Discover a mysterious, interconnected alien world in this action adventure game where you’ll explore a massive open world, battle those that dare attack you, seek out game changing equipment and upgrades, and puzzle your way through the surreal environments. This will be releasing on Steam.
  • ANNO: Mutationem
    I almost couldn’t find what the first game that was showcased was, despite finding it familiar. Well, the first game that was showcased was ANNO: Mutationem which blends 2D and 3D gameplay as you’ll be switching between the two when going from the more action platforming half to the exploration half. You’ll play as Ann, a kind-of lone wolf, as she sets out on a personal mission. You’ll be able to explore and slash your way through a giant cyberpunk Metropolis. This is set to release on both Steam and Playstation.
  • Aragami 2
    A third person stealth game where you play as an assassin with the power to control shadows. You’ll be able to protect the Rashomon Valley and defeat the curse that plagues the Aragami here by carrying out tasks, engaging in fights, and crafting and upgrading your equipment and powers. This is releasing on September 17 on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation.
  • Arcade Paradise
    Releasing on Steam and consoles, welcome to the 90s-fuelled retro arcade adventure where you play as Ashley who has recently been given the keys to the family laundromat. Except, she decided to turn it into an arcade. With over 35 games to choose from, which are all playable for you, you’ll be able to manage your own arcade.
  • Archvale
    A bullet hell RPG where you set out to defeat the evil forces of the Undying guardians, beings that the cruel king cursed, and reunite the world with the fabled Archvale. This will release on Steam and Switch.
  • Arietta of Spirits*
    A story-drive action adventure game where you follow Arietta when a family trip takes an unexpected turn when she meets a mysterious friend and gains the ability to see spirits. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 3
    Coming to the Switch next year, you’ll be playing as Gunvolt who now has an overhauled moveset and now joined with a new playable character Kirin who uses a mix of ranged and melee attacks.
  • Batora: Lost Haven
    Combining hack and slash with twin-stick shooter features, you play as Avirl who is the only one who can attempt to save her planet with her new physical and mental powers she was just gifted with. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • BATS the Game
    Play as Count Bloodvayne in this 2D side scrolling action game where you’ll be using your vampire powers to rescue his teammates from a desert fortress. This is coming to PC, XBox one, and PS5.
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island
    Those of us that like photography games sure are having a great year. Beasts of Maravilla Island is a photography game where you play as a wildlife photographer traversing across Maravilla Island. You’ll actually be able to explore the island, take pictures of the animals, learn about their behaviors, and even have them help you in puzzles that will help you get to other areas. This is available now on Steam and Switch, with other consoles coming later.
  • Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
    A vivid interaction fiction where an aspiring artists is on the cusp of finishing the final piece of her gallery submission. As she paints and takes the occasional break, you’ll discover the story behind them. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Black Book
    A dark RPG adventure based on Salvic myths where you play a young sorceress, Vasillisa, fighting against evil forces in card-based battles. You’ll also get to explore a world where humans and mythological creatures live alongside each other as Vasillisa seeks a demonic artifact that is said to grant any wish. This is set to come out on Steam.
    There is a prologue demo available to play now.
  • Blaster Master Zero 3
    Coming to Steam, EGS, and consoles on July 29, it’s time to get into Blaster Master’s third and final chapter as you play as Jason traveling into the depths of numerous dungeons on foot in a top-down mode and explore the world in a sideview mode. You’ll be going all the way back to where the series began, Planet Sophia, to save Eve.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    If you’re a fan of Castlevania and hate that no new games have come out, well Bloodstained will scratch that itch (especially if you played Dawn of Sorrow like I did). Not gonna lie, the dialog is pretty cringy, but it’s a great game (and it was announced that this will be getting a sequel!). And it looks like this will be heading over to Stadia.
  • Blooming Business: Casino
    You’ll finally be able to design, build, and run your very own casino in a world with anthropomorphic animals. You’ll be meeting the various VIPs, manage the casino your way, manage your staff, decide how you advertise your casino, deal (or not deal) with rowdy customers, and keep your casino afloat. This is coming to early access on Steam.
  • BPM: Bullets Per Minute
    Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Summer (but is available now on Steam), this is a rhythm-action FPS roguelike where you must shoot, jump, and dodge to the, you guessed it, beat of the rock soundtrack.
  • Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge
    An episodic RPG set in a sci-fi world where you begin on Hasphal where prejudice has torn the world apart. You play as Sen as she finds herself in the middle of the conflict and in the mean time, she’ll discover mysteries about herself and Hasphal. This is being redone on a new engine and will release again soon on Steam.
  • Chernobylite
    Coming out of early access in July, which will also mark the release on PS4 and XBox One, this is an RPG survival horror game that mixes free exploration with challenging combat, crafting, and a non-linear sci-fi story. You’ll be playing as a physicist, who also happens to be an ex employee of the power plant, that sets out to investigate the mysterious disappearances of your loved ones. And with the military here as well as another presence, good thing this physicist was smart enough to bring in a team.
  • Death Trash
    A post apolcalyptic world where cosmic horrors long to have humans, but are instead faced with ones that have weapons. This includes an open world with handcrafted levels, real time melee and ranged combat, stealth, dialog choices, crafting, and skills for you to choose from.
  • Demon’s Mirror
    A roguelike deckbuilder combined with a match-3 battler where you use cards to attack/defend and also the tiles to attack/defend by chaining them. It also looks like there will be cards that will also help you with clearing part of the board to chain more tiles. A little bit confusing, but it looks like the tile action is free the first time in a turn and you can use it to get an extra attack in or more shield. This will release on Steam next year.
  • Demon Turf*
    A 3D platformer where you join Beebz on her goal of taking over the Demon Turfs and becoming the Demon Queen. You’ll need to jump and punch your way through each turf, which will include unique mechanics, if you ever want to face the Demon King. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Despot’s Game*
    A roguelike tactical game with turbo-charged battles where you build a team and sacrifice them to rush the enemy. You’ll obviously want to win, but it makes for great entertainment either way. This will release on Steam.
  • El Paso, Elsewhere
    A supernatural neo-noir third-person shooter where you’ll be hunting damned creatures (werewolves, fallen angels, vampires, just to name a few) in slow motion in a reality-shifting motel. You’ll be going through floor to floor saving victims and killing the one responsible. Who might or might not be someone that you love. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Elderand
    A love letter to Castlevania (hell yeah), you’ll be fighting and exploring a dreadful world with deadly creatures, hidden areas, and strangers that thankfully don’t want to kill you on sight. And might I add, you’ll be gathering a lot of treasure? This is set to release next year on Steam.
  • Endling
    It’s been a while since we saw this one eh? Play as a mother fox as you try to keep your cubs alive as your little family travels across Earth to reach the one place where humans can’t harm you. You’ll be able to see your cubs grow as you four travel during the night. This is set to release on Steam and consoles.
  • Firegirl
    An action platformer, set in a fantasy world of living fire monsters, where you play as Firegirl on her first night on the fire brigade. You’ll be exploring, rescuing survivors and uncovering the mystery behind the fire monster’s attacks. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Fire Tonight
    A narrative puzzle game that focuses on two people during a horrible city fire. Separated and not able to contact each other (as well, this is the 90s before cell phones or the internet), Maya may or may not have made a horrible decision to venture out in hopes to reach Devin (who uses this time to reminisce on the memories they made together). As Maya, you’ll be using the ability to rotate the map to solve puzzles, travel, and avoiding barricades, traffic jams, and I don’t know… THE FIRE. While the demo isn’t up anymore, I do have to say that the game is much better than it looks and it quickly won me over. This is set to release on Steam and Switch on August 12.
  • Ghostrunner
    A physical Switch version of Ghostrunner, a fast-paced FPP slasher where you climb Dharma Tower to confront the tyrannical Keymaster, will be releasing on June 29, 2021.
    A fast paced action adventure RPG where you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate their form and fuction, and consume your enemies remains to strengthen your vessel. This will release on Steam.
  • Grow: Song of the Evertree
    With the Evertree only a sapling now, everyone has tried to get it to grow to its previous glory to no avail. Well, that was before you came along. As the last of the Everheart Alchemists, it’s your duty to care for the Evertree and this means you’ll be learning to craft World Seeds that will grow into new worlds. This looks like it’ll be a relaxing game as you can explore, get to know and help the community, and build your dream town on top of your Evertree duties. This will release on Steam, PS4, and XBox One.
    This also has a wishlist campaign which, depending on how many wishlist this game, will add photo mode and selfie mode into the game, the team will plant trees, and will increase the launch discount up to 20%.
  • Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition
    This dungeon-building card game is coming back better than ever! Coming later this year on Steam, this is going to be a complete remaster as the developers set out to improve everything they can as well as adding in new content. And the new content includes new classes, quests, monsters, and loot.
  • Happy’s Humble Burger Farm*
    Manage a fast food chain as you cook burgers, fill up drinks, tend to customers, take care of the drive-thru, take care of yourself, explore New Elysian, and try to not gain notice of Happy. You don’t want to make Happy mad. This will release on Steam.
    You can play the alpha here.
  • Hello Neighbor 2
    A stealth horror game where you’ll find your neighbor’s dirty little secrets even if it means tormenting him with your break ins. With an AI said to change with your behavior and puzzles to solve, you’re in for a challenge. Though you can go out and explore Raven Brooks, but keep an eye out for the Neighbor… and that strange guy that guards the graveyard. This is set to release on Steam.
    You can play the alpha here.
  • Hunt the Night
    A retro-style action adventure game where you play as Vesper exploring the vast world of Medhram, a place filled with ruins and gruesome enemies, to save humanity. Looks like it’s up to your skills in dodging and the equipment you choose. This is set to release on Steam and consoles.
  • Industria
    Shortly before the Cold War ended, you were plunge into a parallel dimension to find your missing colleague who has mysteriously disappeared. Though with deadly enemies lurking around here, you’ll need to use the four available weapons to defend yourself. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch
    Coming to Steam, get ready for this hand drawn side-scrolling beat-em-up that features tag-team mechanics, ridiculous irreverent humor, and fast-paced action. You’ll be taking these heroes on an adventure from their humble beginnings to the gates of hell.
  • King of the Hat
    A chunky party game where you play as pixelated characters who throw hats at each other. You’ll need to jumo in your friends hats to win while protecting yours. This will release on Steam.
  • Kitsune Tails
    Play as a young kitsune as she embarks on a journey across a Japanese mythology inspired land and the relationships she has with a sorceress and a former mentor turned antagonist (which happened after she stole your love interest). You’ll unlock various powers, which manifest as outfits, to help you run and jump across each level. This will release next year on Steam and Playstation.
  • Kraken Academy*
    As a new member of the music club, you’ll be going to the prestigious Kraken Academy. Well, prestigious is what the brochure said, it’s far from the truth when you get there in person. You soon find yourself joining forces with a magical Kraken where you’ll be manipulating a time loop to save the world from the Traitor. With each loop, you’ll get closer to finding out who it is, as well as learning other’s routines, explore the campus, take part in activities, and joining a different club in each loop. This is set to release on Steam.
  • KungFu Kickball
    Available now in early access on Steam (but will be coming to consoles later), you’ll be using your KungFu skills to play and dominate your opponents in kickball. With each bell ring from the bell, one point is rewarded, and you have six different stages and six different characters (all with their own advantages and disadvantages) to win in.
  • Lamentum
    From the creators of Yuppie Psycho (which is very good, play it if you haven’t already), it’s time to dive into a pixel art survival horror game set in the 19th century New England as you play as Victor desperate to cure his sick wife. His only hope is the weird Earl of Grau Hill Mansion who claims he can heal her with a price. And I guess the price is trying to get you killed. Bad news, Victor wants to survive. This is set to release on Steam and consoles.
  • Legend of Keepers: Return of the Goddess
    A DLC coming later this year, this will add in a new master (the Goddess), 5 new missions, a new Pyramid enviornment, 2 Sarcophgi, 10 Mummies monsters, 4 new traps, and 5 new artefacts. This will also bring everyone 2 new monsters and 2 new traps.
  • Live In Dungeon
    With the English translation coming in Summer on Steam, this is a RPG where you play as a adventurer streamer who streams his dungeon crawling with his cat. Though, don’t think you can ignore your viewers as the “Likes” they give will help reinforce skills, weapons, and armor.
  • Loot River
    A procedurally generated dungeon crawler that combines real time combat with the ability to shift and move the block of land you are currently on. This will release on Steam and Xbox.
  • Moroi
    Play as a hero with amnesia who wakes up in a weird castle. While you’ll talk with the various characters that inhabit this castle, and having to attack those that attack you, you must find your way out. And it looks like the only way to do that is to defeat The Red King that dwells deep down in the depths of the castle. But who The Red King is… but not be what you first imagined. There’s no definite word on what this will come out on (aside from the obvious PC release) nor a release window yet.
  • My Lovely Wife
    For those that want more from My Lovely Daughter, My lovely Wife has been announced for Steam and will follow Jake who, after being granted the knowledge, summons succubi to make them fall in love with him. All in the name of sacrificing them to create a vessel fit for his wife’s soul. This mixes dating, management, and alchemy sims into one and will include multiple endings. This will be coming to Steam and Switch.
    My Lovely Wife is also accepting people for their upcoming closed beta, so if you’re interested, make sure to sign up before the beta comes in July!
  • Neverwinter
    While this MMORPG has been out since 2013, where you’ll explore and defend cities from the D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign, a new Bard class has been announced.
  • No Longer Home*
    A game about letting go of the life you’ve built due to the circumstances beyond your control. And you’ll be able to explore that as you immerse in the lives of Bo and Ao. This will release on Steam.
  • Omno*
    Coming to Steam and consoles, you’ll be whisked away on a journey of discovery through an ancient world filled with puzzles, secrets, and obstacles as you continue on an epic quest.
  • Onsen Master
    A hot spring customer management game where you’ll revitalize 6 hot springs, create ingredients to match the various customer ailments, reconnect the communities, and discover the supernatural world. This is set to release on Steam and consoles.
  • Potato Flowers in Full Bloom
    There doesn’t seem to be much known about this game as of now, but it looks like you’ll be exploring a dungeon in first person, which will pull back to a third person view in combat.
  • Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator*
    An alchemist simulator where you take full control of a shop, gather (or buy) your ingredients, invent new recipes (which is greatly helped by your helpful map that displays where your potion is currently at), attract customers, keep your reputation up, and experiment as you can physically interact with your tools and ingredients. This will release on Steam.
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition
    While this came out last year, where you follow Raji after she’s chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion, this is getting an enhanced edition which will include Hindi voiceovers, new game modes, and revamped gameplay features. It’s said to drop later this year.
    A 2-8 arena shooter that pits cooks against one another to see who the top RAWMEN is by using food as your weapon. There will be multiple games to play in (including ones that will have you defending your chowder pot, roll your meatball to the goal, and getting the Golden Bouillon Cubes) when it releases on Steam.
  • RoboDunk
    What if robots played basketball instead of humans? Well, this attempts to answer that question as you’ll be able to build your own robot team and leveling them up to make them the best robot players out there. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Rubi: The Wayward Mira
    A 2D action-adventure platformer where you guide Rubi who got stranded on the alien world of Earth to awaken a bridge that would link it to her homeworld. And well, she might want to be fast as her people is on the edge of extinction. This is set to release on Steam, Switch, and PS4.
  • RPG Time: The Legend of Wright
    A handmade epic RPG where a kid wishes to become a game developer. He’s even planning his first game as you can explore the adventures he has already penciled in his notebook.
  • RPGolf Legends
    Coming to Steam and Switch, you’ll be going across the world to fight monsters, make some friends, explore the world, and play golf.
  • Run Die Run Again
    A fast-paced first-person precision platformer where every inch of the environment will kill you on contact. In a “lottery meets Olympics” you’ll be thrown into virtual obstacle courses where you’ll need to do death-defying leaps, flips, and dashes past deadly hazards with a bomb strapped to your back. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Sable
    Guide Sable on an unforgettable journey during her Gliding, a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts and mesmerizing landscapes. You’ll be able to also customize your hover bike, help other clans and nomads, and complete puzzles. This will release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox one on September 23.
  • Serial Cleaners
    A stealth action crime story where you alternate between playing four mob cleaners, all with their own unique skill sets and play styles, that has taken up the job of cleaning up the blood, gore, and blood their employers carelessly left behind. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Severed Steel*
    A Stylish and visceral singleplayer FPS where you play as Steel, a one armed sharpshooter, on a mission. Though there’s a catch, you can’t reload. This will release on Steam, PS4, and XBox One.
  • Slime Heroes
    Finally slimes will be the heroes this time around! Journey with your fellow slimes as you save the gods from a deadly corruption taking over the land while exploring the world beyond your home. This will release on Steam in 2023.
  • Source of Madness
    A side-scrolling dark action roguelite where you’ll traverse in a twisted Lovecraftian inspired world as a new Acolyte setting off on their nightmarish odyssey. You’ll uncover the cosmic secrets and fighting against horrid monsters in the procedurally generated world and AI machine learning. This is set to release on Steam.
  • Super Space Club
    An arcade style space shooting game where you control a group of pilots to complete missions, defend the galaxy, and getting into dogfights, all with some lo-fi music and keeping an eye on your ship’s energy levels. There’s no release window yet, but this is coming to Steam.
  • Super Ubie Island 2
    Out on Steam on May 21, Ubie has finally escaped the clutches of the evil Dr. Terrestrial, but he has to go back to rescue his friends. It’s time to defeat him once and for all.
  • Survival Quiz CITY
    A multiplayer survival quiz action game where you must use your smarts and skills to survive. You’ll be answering various questions and you’ll be put into two groups based on if you got it right or not. Those that answered wrong must dash through an obstacle course while those that answered correctly will get weapons to try and kill those that got the answer wrong from reaching the finish line. This is coming to Steam.
  • Tamarindos Freaking Dinner
    Well, this one is pretty weird and certainly grabs the eye. You had the horrible luck of being the puzza delivery guy on the day of an order from Tagomago Mansion comes in as they don’t want the pizza, but you. With less than two hours left before dinner, you’ll have to learn about and find a way to kill the seven inhabitants before they kill you. This is set to release on Steam on October 31, 2022.
  • The Eternal Cylinder
    Controlling a herd of adorable creatures called Trebhums, you’ll be exploring a strange alien world where you need to try to survive in the various biomes and the predators (natural and unnatural) that won’t hesitate in making your herd their next meal. Luckily, Trebhums are known to mutate based on what they eat. However, you can’t put your eggs all in that basket as some enemies will be able to remove your mutations. And well, there’s also a constant threat of something called the Cylinder. This is coming to EGS, PS4, and XBox One.
  • The Legend of TianDing
    A sidescrolling action game where you play as the legendary Taiwanese Folk Hero Liao Tianding exploring the streets of Colonial Japanese Taiwan in the 20th century, rob the rich, feed the poor, and exposs the darkness lurking in the heart of Taipei. This is set to release on Steam and Switch in October.
  • The Lightbringer
    A poetic adventure puzzle platformer where you follow your sister’s spirit to do what she could not, cleansing the corruption that claimed the world by getting to the ancient monoliths that gave power and light to the land. This will release on Steam and Switch.
  • The Light of the Darkness
    A metroidvania where you play as a hybrid of both light and dark as you try to survive the hatred of both sides. You’ll be able to learn the rich history of the world, how you came to be, fight enemies with various weapons, and absorb their essences to make yourself stronger. This will release on Steam.
  • Tinkertown
    Out in early access on Steam, this is a multiplayer sandbox experience where you explore magical places filled with loot and danger. You’ll also be able to build your own village for just you or up to three other friends that can join you.
  • Trash Sailors*
    A hand-drawn sailing sim where you and up to 3 others will be creating the trashiest raft with the trash floating in the vast ocean, fight monsters, and find treasure. This will release on Steam and consoles.
  • Trifox*
    A twin-stick action adventure game that features a talented fox that sets out to get those mysterious looters that had the bad idea to raid his home. With three classes to choose from (Warrior, Mage, and Engineer), which he can mix and match, they have no chance. This is set to release on Steam and all consoles.
  • Ultra Age
    A 3D high-speed sword-swinging action title that follows Age, a sword wielding hero, fighting to prevent the extinction of humankind from robotic and mutant foes. This is set to release this Autumn, but we don’t know what platforms this will come to yet.
  • UnMetal*
    Play as Jesse Fox in this stealth action-adventure who got arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and must now escape using all of his improvised skills and weapons he finds and has. This will release on Steam.
  • ValiDATE*
    A romantic visual novel about 12 adults in Jercy City navigating new relationships and the harsh realities that come alongside them.
  • Varvarion
    A high-speed sword combat action game coming to PC. This is planned to be showcased more this year.
  • Venice 2089*
    Explore a future Venice struggling against the effects of rising water that slowly destroys the city as a bored teenager that just wants to ride on her hoverboard and chill. You’ll also be able to talk with characters that live here, gather trinkets for your house-boat, and learn ways to go around the tides that overflow your routes. This will release on Steam.
  • Vertigo
    This one looks very interesting. Said to be a psychological thriller of a new kind, you’ll play with the limits between reality and fantasy as you play as Ed Miller after he manages to be unscathed from his car crash. However, no one can find the wrecked car which held his wife and daughter he was traveling with. Due to the trauma, he starts to suffer from vertigo and he starts therapy in hopes to uncover what really happened. This is set to release on Steam and consoles.
  • White Shadows
    A bizarre modern fable that tells the story of little Ravengirl that resides in a city where citizens must cover themselves in bright white light and she wants to escape. Though, this means you’ll have to jump, run, and puzzle your way through. This will release on Steam.
  • Wolfstride
    A stylish, black and white, turn-based mech fighting game where you play as an exiled ex-Yakuza. You’ll need to balance tactical fights with upgrades and repairs, explore Rain City, and meet the locals. This will come to Steam
  • Ynglet
    A weird little game out now on Steam where you play as a Ynglet jumping between bubbles floating in the sky as a reactive and dynamic soundtrack is played.
    There is a Prologue demo, but it can only be played on controller.
  • Zodiac Legion
    A turn-based tactical RPG that puts you in command of an arcane chivalric order in a world of reawakening magic. In addition to leading your knights, you’ll be exploring ancient ruins, forging alliances, thwarting enemy plans, and mastering magic. This also brings in a new interesting mechanic where you can destroy the dungeon as well. THis is set to release next year in June on Steam.


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