New Game+ Expo March 2021 Showcase Recap

Some new games to look forward to!

New Game+ Expo has returned this year to show off a bunch of games with some new and some upcoming that may or may not have a release date. Other than these announcements (which I’ll list underneath), some studios even had their own section of the after stream where they play or talk about one of their games.


  • YS IX: Monstrum Nox
    After Adol becomes a Monstrum due to a curse, he must stop the Grimwald Nox from consuming the city with the help of his newfound powers. You’ll be able to play as any of the six Monstrums, explore the massive city, aid townsfolk, and fight threats. This will release on Switch and PX this Summer.
  • Volta-X
    Available now for Switch and PC, this is a strategy robot battling game where you build your robot and manage your crew that controls it.
  • Variable Barricade
    An otome visual novel where you play as a heiress being pushed to get married and ending up living in a mansion with 4 eligible bachelors. This will release early next year on Switch.
  • Olympia Soiree
    An otome visual novel with fantasy elements where everyone has a color associated with them. You play as Olympia, associated with the color white, that must ally and fall in love with someone associated with another color to perform a ritual. This will release this Fall on Switch.
  • Harvest Moon: One World
    Available now on consoles, this is a farming sim with the story that the Harvest Goddess has gone missing and you must bring her back.
  • Mighty Goose
    Coming out this Spring, this is a fast paced run & gun shooter where you’ll use epic weapons and devastating war machines to battle against hordes of enemies and bosses.
  • Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited
    Dive into these narrative dungeon crawler RPGs as challenge the power of Darkness and lead your squires in Saviors of Sapphire Winds; and dive into a remastered Stranger of Sword City. This will release on March 16 on Switch and Steam.
  • The Silver Case 2425
    Grasshopper’s debut title, The Silver Case and the sequel, The 25th Ward is arriving on the Nintendo Switch and will be a 2-in-1 title. The Silver Case series are detective visual novels where you’ll be trying to find a legendary serial killer in the first game and solve the murder of a woman that was found under mysterious circumstances in the sequel. New scenarios are being crafted for the Switch remaster as well. This will be released on July 6.
  • Mary Skelter Finale
    The Mary Skelter trilogy is set to end with Finale as the Blood Maidens and Jack are separated after they’re attacked by the Massacre Pink. It’s also said that this is to include the previous entries as well. This will release on PS4 and Switch this Fall.
  • RICO London
    A first person shooter releasing on the Switch this Summer where you must clear out criminal organizations from inside abandoned structures.
  • Exophobia
    A retro inspired first person shooter where you wake up in a infested spaceship filled with hostile aliens soldiers. This will release on consoles on October 5.
  • Guilty Gear -Strive-
    A 2D/3D hybrid fighting game that will have mechanics designed to be welcoming to newcomers, but deep and creative for veterans. Coming out on Playstation and Steam on June 11, this will release with new gameplay, characters, and innovative netcode.
  • Pocky & Rocky Reshrined
    Releasing on Switch and PS4 this Fall, this is a 16-but top-down shooter featuring the shrine maiden Pocky and her tanuki friend Rocky. This will attempted to recapture the SNES style while also improving controls, audio, and graphics.
  • Alchemic Cutie
    A wholesome relaxing RPG where you’ll tame wild jellies, meet villagers, enter competitions, and uncover secrets. This will be releasing on XBox Series X/S on July 27.
    Available now on Switch, you and your crew find themselves facing off against a deadly threat known as the Gnosia who has disguised themselves as one of the crew. You’ll be play through loops to trigger special events and unravel mysteries as well as control how many crew members and roles there are.
  • Neptunia ReVerse
    Getting a PS5 release on June 8, Neptune must fight to restore her place after being cast down and stripped of her power. Though, a being known as Arfoire threaten to end the world she has sworn to protect.
  • World’s End Club
    Releasing on the Switch on May 28, you’ll follow a group of misfit students as they find themselves trapped in a strange theme park during a class trip.
  • Ever Forward
    Trapped in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination, you’ll be helping her find her way in this adventure puzzle game as it releases on consoles on June 29.
  • Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital
    Launching this Summer on Switch, you’ll be working as a veternarian in a pet clinic.
  • ConnecTank
    A multiplayer tank battle puzzle game where you’ll be challenged to deliver packages by choosing different routes and competing in tank battles. This will release this Summer on consoles and Steam.
  • The Sealed Ampoule
    Available now on Steam, this is a dungeon agriculturalization roguelike game where you’ll level up your dungeon so it can produce useful items.
  • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny
    Releasing on June 29 on the Switch, you’ll follow Zed the zombie as he must harness his Super Reincarnation ability to stand against the God of Destruction.
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 3
    Coming out next year on the Switch, you’ll be joining Gunvolt and a new character Kirin in this action platformer.
  • Undernauts: Labyrinth Of Yomi
    Selected to join an elite group of underground explorers after a massive, mysterious structure suddenly rises from the ground, you’ll have to face against terrifying monsters and dangerous criminals. This will release on Steam and consoles this Fall.
  • Death End re;Quest
    Getting a Switch release on April 27, you’ll be diving into the World’s Odyssey as it suddenly resurfaces in a grotesque corrupted version of itself along with its director Shina.
  • Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani
    An otome visual novel where you play as Akitsu Shino who has the ability to see spirits, apparitions, and indescribable creatures.  Get ready to play it this Fall on Switch.
  • Guts ‘N Goals
    Beat your friends at a game of soccer (literally) as this game mixes arcade-style soccer with beat ’em up gameplay. his will be ready on August 31 on console.
  • NIS Classics Volume 1: Phantom Brave / Soul Nomad & The World Eaters
    Two RPG classics will be releasing on the Switch this Summer, containing all content from previous releases.
  • Fishing Fighters
    A realistic fishing game that sets out to feel like how it would be in real life with the help of the Joycon’s rumble and sensors. Be ready to fish over 100 fish this Summer on the Switch.
  • R-Type Final 2
    A side-scrolling shooter game where your fighter is equipped with weapons such as the Wave Cannon to shoot down durable enemies. This will release on April 30 on consoles and Steam.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV
    The final chapter of Trails of Cold Steel, the heroes of Class VII find themselves with the full force of the Empire on the path of domination and must unite heroes from all over the continent to even stand a chance. This will release on April 9 on Switch and PC.
  • Poison Control
    A shooter-meets-action title where Poisonette and her amnesiac Soul Mate will purify the spirits that find themselves trapped within poisonous manifestations of their own personal despair. This will release on April 13 on PS4 and Switch.
  • Void tRrLM();++ //Void Terrarium++
    Getting a PS5 enhanced edition on May 18, you’ll be able to jump into this visual novel that includes roguelike gameplay and a caretaking system where you’ll be nursing the possible last human remaining. This upgrade will come with additional emotes, outfits, hairstyles, Toriko diseases, and better performance.
  • Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~
    Available now on Switch, you’ll be returning to the Steel City as it’s covered in a blanket of snow. As Cardia, you’ll be able to encounter more literary characters, strengthen relationships, and choose who to court.
  • Samurai Warriors 5
    A musou action game that tells an intense high-action Sengoku drama told between two perspective: Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. This will release on console and Steam on July 27.
  • Blaster Master Zero 3
    In this series finale, Jason is travelling to where the series began, planet Sophia, to save Eve in this action adventure game. You’ll be able to pick this up on July 29 on PS4, Switch, Steam, and EGS.


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