Capcom Showcase Recap

Meh, could have been worse


There has been a couple companies that just totally wasted their time this year it seems. Whether it be barely saying anything or not saying anything new compared to what was talked about in a previous showcase (which at that point, have it exclusive to your showcase, right?). At least some have the decency to not waste an hour of everyone’s time at least. Well, here is what happened:

  • Monster Hunter Rise
    Coming June and July, there will be a collab event between Monster Hunter Stories 2 where Hunters who complete the collab quest once it hits on June 18 will receive Palico layered armor based on Palico Tsukino. With those with save data getting access to the Rider layered armor on July 9. June 24 will also have new event quests that will bring in some armor, gesture, and sticker rewards. Some DLC will also make its way here to bring in additional new looks to your Hunter and their animal companions on June 24.
    There will be more collabs coming in, the second one sometime in late July and the third in August.
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
    We got a mew story trailer that goes more into the Rider named Red and his old Monstie. It also happens that you were given Red’s Kinship Stone and a Rathalos egg. And how you’ll need to protect and bond with the Rathalos as you’re figuring out what’s causing these pits to appear everywhere. On June 25 we also have a demo that will give us the opening few hours for people that aren’t too sure about this game before the July 9 release.
    The Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise will also be put in the game on July 15 after release as a new monstie.
  • Resident Evil Village
    The recent Resident Evil game is getting DLC due to the overwhelmingly positive response. No news on it yet though. We also got news that Re:Verse, the multiplayer title where players go head to head with their favorite heroes and bioweapons, will go live next month. This year will also mark Resident Evil’s 25th year.
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
    We got a look at two Great Ace Attorney games that are coming to the West for the first time. We got a look at the game in action where you’ll play as a rookie attorney named Ryunosuke Naruhodo that teams up with the legendary Herlock Sholmes. This will also include two new gameplay features. Dance of Deduction will have you and Sholmes working together by Sholmes giving out logic and reasonings, with you correctly the flaws in his deduction and search for clues to prove them. And then you two will play off each other to reach a conclusion. Summation Examination will happen in the courtroom where you need to get 6 juriers on your side, with the progress being presented by a scale. You’ll need to face against them as they’ll tell you why they think your client is guilty by calling out two that have conflicting statements. This looks great, though this isn’t going to be fully voiced it seems. This will release on July 27 on Steam, PS4, and Switch.
    I don’t think I can resist this game at this point.


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