Your Smile Beyond Twilight Review

I either must be going crazy, or this girl is secretly a ninja

Released: June 23, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: VN
Developer: Lingtan Studio
Publisher: Lingtan Studio
Review Copy provided through Curator

Forgetting people that used to be in your life is almost inevitable. It happens to games, cartoons, shows, or movies we used to love, but never got to get a physical copy, so it is just gone from the mind. Those same people most likely don’t remember you as well, and lingering on that is as depressing as remembering the people you thought would be in your life forever. Though…it can be awkward to come across someone that knows you, and you remember hanging around them, but just not their name.

This is just what Yunshan, our protagonist, runs into as he visits his mother with his girlfriend, maybe soon-to-be wife, Jingxuan. During his visit, he encounters a girl that seemingly knows him and his family, but he doesn’t remember who she is. Soon enough, Yunshan goes on a task of remembering the girl he forgot along with Jingxuan. Good thing she’s fine with helping and Yunshan doesn’t have to hide his quest at least.

This is one of those short, but sweet, kinetic novels that stayed just long enough to get the story across. And this story is a sad one, one which may or may not hit you but it is still the main purpose. For me it did hit me, and while the story is a little bit predictable, the author’s intent of emotion still soars.

The translation is not bad as I don’t remember finding any mistakes through my playthrough. So if you heard this had a horrible translation before, be rest assured that it has been updated with a better one since.

The voice acting is really something. Not like it is really great, but you don’t really see many Chinese games being translated and only having the original Chinese recording available. With this being the first game I heard Chinese acting in, the first part of the game does seem a little bit lacking. Once it gets into the emotional parts, however, it does pick up. It really is a shame considering by the time that happens, most will probably already turn down the voice volume.

The art is really cute, and is really a shame that there wasn’t more put into having different expressions or poses. But I can’t really blame them as this was most likely made on a cheap budget. The music is simple, but does fit into the situation at hand. None negatively affects your enjoyment, but does set out to enhance the emotions that the game is trying to portray and succeeds.


Your Smile Beyond Twilight is a kinetic novel that deals with lose. Something that we all deal with sometime in our life whether it be that one thing you lost so many years ago, or someone that you cared dearly for. The loss of memories certainly touch on this as well, especially when you think about the people you used to know and hang out with all the time in the past is barely remembered now. It really brings in the feelings that you never expected a cheap kinetic novel to bring.


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