Tokyo Snap Review

So fashionable, let me take a pic

Released: August 1, 2019
Available on: Steam
Genre: Photography
Developer: Cozy Game Pals
Publisher: Cozy Game Pals

Ah, another photography game to fill that void. This time, a quick little game called Tokyo Snap.

Tokyo Snap is a pretty simple game. You are in Tokyo for a week and your whole goal is to raise your following on StreetSnaps. This means taking pictures of some fashionable people out on the streets of Tokyo. You only have a couple minutes to do this, and only a limited amount of photos you can take, so you need to make it count. Mostly everyone on the street you’ll be taking pictures on are not fashionable, represented by just a plain design for their model, but there are a couple of people that are. When they stop, they’ll pop in color, ready for you to take a picture no matter if they know or not. Luckily, they don’t care if you took a picture without permission, but they do have a pose if they do notice you. These guys do move about though, shifting into the plain model like everyone else, so you have to try and get your picture in before then. Or follow them until they stop again.

Once you take all of the pictures you can, you can talk to one of them before going to pick your best three pictures to upload. Though, running out of time means not being able to talk to one of them (heads up to anyone doing the achievement for talking to one person all seven days and doing the achievement for running out of time on the last day). Every character does have a quick little story, but you do have to talk to them everyday to see through to the end. You will get likes and followers as long as you take a picture, where they’re the vocal point, of one of the characters. And after that, the next day rolls around and you do this all over.

Though, as the days go, you do get opportunists to get more likes. This does seem to be gated by your follower count in some way, but you will get messages that will unlock more aspects for you. Mainly, this is a way for you to get more likes, like knowing what the fashion trends are for that day and having eye contact. There are some that do help you out when taking pictures, like raising how many you can take or getting an easy way to get eye contact. I did find two of these upgrades iffy, like getting an interesting enough background is a bit hard and there is a camera upgrade for when you’re close but I couldn’t tell if there was a difference.

Aside from this, I did wish the characters had a few different outfits so they’re not wearing the same thing for a week.


For what it is, this is a good, short game to play if you have an hour to kill.


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