Hide & Dance! Review (Switch)

Can’t I get some privacy for once?!?

Released: October 1, 2020
Available on: Switch/PS4/Mobile
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Kemco
Publisher: hap

We all have danced sometime, and even if you haven’t, didn’t want your family barging into your room. We all want our privacy, especially if it’s something that can be embarrassing. I sure don’t want someone, let alone family, walking in while I’m dancing or exercising. Well, a rhythm game has taken this fear to life.


Just by reading the title you’ll know what the game is about, hiding and dancing. After choosing a short song, out of the possible 20 featured in this game, you’ll be transported into a blue room. Once the music starts up, you’ll get beats you’ll have to press in time, or well close enough to it. Some beats can even be a coin that you’ll gain if you hit it. However, keep an eye on that door. While you do at least have 5 misses before you failed a song, getting caught is an automatic game over. You get a heads up as the family member will slightly open the door, signaling you to put your fingers on the bumpers, before they fully open the door. Your character will then hide so they can avoid detection. Though, even if you’re not paying attention to the door in the corner of your eye, it is also signaled by no beats being thrown at you.

There are three difficulties, but you’ll have to hit every note in the song to unlock the next difficulty. The difficulty varies on how many notes will come on the screen, how close, and the positioning.

Mom, Grandpa’s playing dead again!

There are 6 possible characters you can play as. You start with the daughter and then can unlock the son, the mother, the grandpa, the cat, and the flea. Each one has their own unique dancing poses and their silly hiding poses. Though, the cat and the flea barely have anything in the pose department.

To unlock the other characters, more songs, and even different sounds for when you’re hitting the beat, you’ll use those coins to buy them. For every 10 coins, you’ll be able to get one random drop from the capsule machine. However, this capsule machine doesn’t detect when you already have something. This isn’t a problem in the beginning, but once you only have a couple songs still locked, it can be annoying. And it does seem like unlocking a song again erases your previous score.

If you’re wondering if there is a chance to turn off the family walking in on you, there is. Although, it does require you to save up 200 coins. When you activate it, it will put a baseball bat against the door. At the times it would normally open, you will notice a slight shake on the door. I love that this detail was put in. There is also another purchase you can make for 100 coins which can alter the speed the beats come in.

Before we go, I do want to share my own little headcanon for this game. It might not have a story itself, but who says you can’t give it one. I imagine that all of them are streaming their dancing. Yep, all of them have secret streaming lives and none of them know it. Granted, they don’t want their family coming in and seeing them dance anyway. Though, the son’s is focused on gaming and he dances in a response to winning. The cat and the flea is when it’s accidentally left on. The multiplayer comes in when you’re caught. And whenever they’re caught, their viewers furiously type “Behind you!”.

The multiplayer comes in when you’re caught. In an alternate timeline, the member that your friend takes is the run that catches you, but instead of being super embarrassed, both of you team up and do a collab.


While you might want to see if a discount comes along, or just get it on mobile under the title Behind You!!, Hide & Dance is a fun and silly rhythm game. And it can be a fun game to bring out if you’re hanging out with friends. Though, It is about 2 hours after unlocking everything and completing each song at least up to medium difficulty.


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