Pokémon Presents February 2021 Recap

Breath of the Pokemon

To celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary we got a Pokemon Presents looking back at the history of Pokemon as well as some game announcements:


Pokemon Snap

We get a look into the gameplay of the Pokemon Snap remaster. We’ll be riding through various different locals such as the Jungle, Desert, and under the sea to take photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat. As you’re riding through, you’ll discover Pokemon’s behavior and expressions that you’ll be able to see and capture. Though, you can throw various items, like food, or play music to get some action shots and how they interact with the items. There are also night variants of the locations to go through as well, which is where you’ll find the use of Lumina Orbs which will make Pokemon glow when they come into contact with one, as well as other special effects it might have on different Pokemon. You’ll then be graded on your photos based on your shot and what the Pokemon was doing. The more noteworthy the behavior, the higher it’s scored.

You will also be able to edit the photos you took and share the photos.

This will be available on April 30.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

It looks like the rumors of a Diamond & Pearl remake were true. Personally, this was my first Pokemon game and while I was a bit worried at the thought, looking at you Pokemon Go, it does look like this will be a faithful remake. It even looks like we’ll be getting the Underground back so fingers crossed for Secret Bases, Super Contests, and baking Poffins to be included as well (which all of these were my favorite things to do in Diamond/Pearl).

These will be releasing later this year.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Damn, this game looks great (if only we got this for Sword/Shield). This is set to be an open world RPG in the Sinnoh region where you’ll set off into the world after receiving your partner Pokemon (Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott). You’ll be going out in hopes to creating the first Pokedex. You’ll be able to sneak around in tall grass and throw Pokeballs in an attempt to catch them or battle them.

This has a release window of next year.


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