Blobcat Review

Silly BlobCat! You can’t fit into square holes!

Released: August 31, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: BySamb
Publisher: BySamb
Review Copy provided through Curator

Apart from the risk of being mistaken as dice while the humans are playing board games, DiceMice have another enemy: BlobCats. BlobCats are always hungry for something to eat and once DiceMice comes into view? They gotta gobble the DiceMice up before they escape into their holes (or well…get stuck in their holes). Put on your thinking caps, it’s time to save some DiceMice!

The gameplay here is easy to get the hang of. All you have to do, other than making sure the DiceMice get in their hole, is to place arrow tiles down so they will go in the desired direction. These arrow tiles are finite, however, so each has to be placed with meaning. Of course, you’ll also have to take into account the various walls and the BlobCats running around. These arrows also affect the movement of BlobCats so be careful to not put an arrow where they can gobble up a DiceMice or get stick in a hole. Everything has to be just right and even the slightest misplacement can cause a collision. Once a level completes, and you manage to use the least possible moves, you will get a sticker for your efforts. And trust me, these stickers can be really adorable. All the stickers you earned are viewable in the sticker book.

With 100+ levels, and 6 different worlds, there’s a lot of levels to play through. You don’t really have to play these in order either if you don’t want to. Once a world unlocks, all the levels do as well and you only need to get 100 stars to unlock every world. And okay, I didn’t mention one thing but this has to do with the world selected. Other than the first world, each have their own gimmick. These gimmicks make you think to how you need to approach this with those gimmicks in mind. Like how the space level have gates that open and closer when a button connected to it is stepped on. Giving more depth as well as keeping these levels fresh throughout all 100+ levels.

If you happen to have friends with this game (or found someone online waiting in a lobby) you’ll be able to experience the multiplayer. Instead of putting down tiles and/or manipulating objects to solve puzzles, this is a competitive mode. Several huge maps are laid out so you and your opponent(s) will be able to fight for victory by either getting more points, more DiceMice in their hole, or by destroying their health. Once you get into a game, each player will be able to set out a limited amount of tiles (which will stay in effect for a while before disappearing) anywhere to either sabotage someone or to help yourself. This doesn’t just have DiceMice, but BlobCats are also running around. If one of the BlobCats gets in a hole, it will deduct points/health as well as block the hole to prevent DiceMice from entering for a couple seconds. You also have a chance of the game changing it up such as switching player’s holes. This mode was a lot of fun and if you ever have a chance to play it with someone, definitely take up the offer.


BlobCat is a really cute puzzle game. There’s a lot of levels to go through and if you want to get all the stickers, even more time spent to get every level just right. Really, the only negative I can think of is that there really is little chance to get into a multiplayer game unless you have friends. If you love puzzle games, this will be a solid addition to your collection.


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