Morph Girl Review

…Do you want your hair in a bun or just…okay, alright, you’re a very scary girl *pats head*.

Released: August 30, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: FMV Horror
Developer: Jaydeb
Publisher: Jaydeb

After the death of her wife Rebecca, Elana’s life was never the same again. Everyday in her life starts with grieving and ends with grieving as she made a ritual to look through Rebecca’s stuff, such as the journal she wrote in or looking through their photos, and watching her favorite movies and shows. Rebecca even lingers when she goes to work, no longer a place where she can escape but where her memory weighs on her so much her work is lacking. Elena will do anything to get Rebecca back…and that opportunity might be coming in the form of a long haired woman reminiscent of the one in Ring.

We get two sections that our choices can influence the story, one in the present and one in the past. After watching Elena’s daily routine, you can choose to go through it as well. If you decide to, you’ll get some more backstory on Elena and Rebecca’s life while also an excerpt from one of Rebecca’s stories or whatever else she has written. You also get the choice of watching two old movies that the game included, however the first movie does not have any audio due to one player getting a copyright claim on their gameplay video. Outside of this, you will also get choices to decide Elana’s actions and what you will see or decide to ignore. I will certainly say that if you decide to not investigate more in certain areas, you should go back and see.

Periodically there will also be areas of just text meant to symbolize the past. In these areas, Rebecca is still alive and we get to see more on how their relationship was. In each of these sections you get a choice that will later show to have an effect in the present day while also building how Elena treated Rebecca in that short time. These choices plus the present day choices will decide whether or not you get one version or the other.

There are six endings to get, with them being variations of different choices you can make with each having their own meaning to what it means for Elena. Honestly, one of them was so hilarious to me and if you decide to get all the endings, or got it for your first one, you will know which one I’m talking about.

Despite not having any spoken dialogue from Elana, this does well without it. There is one account of voice acting and it certainly is creepy if you choose the right choice to get it. The music included helps greatly as it keeps up the creepy atmosphere as well as not including any of those loud jumpscare sounds. The VHS aesthetic also helps in the atmosphere, whether it was supposed to mirror what they took inspiration from or how it represented how Elena doesn’t see the world as colorful as she did when Rebecca was alive. The only thing that can really ruin it will be some of the acting that can seem unbelievable with what is happening to her.


While I did enjoy Morph Girl, I do wish we got more of it. I’m certainly curious to see what they can do if they have more budget to work with if they decide to make another FMV game. Despite the short length, which is extended a bit if you decide to see the multiple endings, it doesn’t feel like the price was too much for what it offered. It may not have had the budget to be on the same level as other FMV games, but what they used worked well and the story, while simple, can hit deep. I certainly enjoyed my time with it, and if you’re a fan of horror and FMVs, you might too.


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