Interesting Game Announcements from Nintendo, Playstation, and Tokyo Game Show

Game announcements? Let me see!

Well, I’m a bit late on this. Okay a lot late, but I was a bit busy and I still wanted to not only check out these showcases for myself and mention the games that popped out and caught my attention. There are actually a good number of games that I’m so excited for and even better, there are some that are releasing soon! Yay!

Nintendo Direct

It’s Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, the chaotic rhythm adventure! A puzzling co-op mashup unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Solo, or with a band of up to three friends … … Can you conquer the castle?

You had me at rhythm. Haha, but really this seems to be super interesting since it seems every roadblock or enemy you come across will be dealt with by a rhythm minigame of some sort. I do want to see more before its release though. Releasing on November 14, 2023.

Play as Anya and experience the world of SPYxFAMILY in its first console-game! Anya Forger has received a new assignment from school: create a photo diary of memories.

I have loved Spy X Family for a long while now as I’ve been following the manga chapter releases even before the anime was announced. When I first saw this, I thought it was just a collab with another game, but it’s its own game?!? And the models for everyone looks good?!? And it looks and sounds like it’s going to be so cute?!? Yesss.

Mario and his teammates are tougher than ever in Super Mario RPG! Use the updated Action Commands to unleash the all-new Triple Moves, where Mario and his party members team up to unleash a unique group attack.

I’ve heard how good Super Mario RPG was and I was even planning to figure out how to play it once I had enough free time. Well, maybe I don’t have to since we’ll be getting this remaster! I can’t wait to check it out. This is releasing on November 17, 2023.

The Nintendo DS game, Trace Memory, and its sequel, previously unreleased in North America, return fully enhanced for the Nintendo Switch system as Another Code: Recollection.

I never actually played Another Code/Trace Memory, but this looks like an interesting puzzle game. Could always use a puzzle game that will probably make you feel stupid at least once haha. This will release on January 19, 2024.

The wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch have taken over the Sparkle Theater, and now it’s up to Peach and the theater’s guardian Stella to save the play––and the day!

Peach can transform and use fantastic showstopping abilities to face off against the Sour Bunch.

ANOTHER PRINCESS PEACH GAME! I loved Super Princess Peach as a kid, which I actually recently played and actually finished recently, and I was hoping for all this time that she would get another game. Looks like my wishes finally came true! It looks so good and it seems like it’ll be fun. This will release on March 22, 2024.

Honk, blow, and toot your way through over 45 songs! Up to 4 players can play together in local multiplayer! The Nintendo Switch version supports multiple control modes: Tilt, IR Motion Camera and Tilt-Motion. Try your best to get higher scores, and compete with your friends on the online leaderboards! Collect all 50 unique Tromboner Cards, meet mysterious characters, and uncover the mysteries of the Trombiverse. Do you have what it takes to become the Trombone Champ?

I originally wasn’t going to include this, as I want to pick this up on PC, but the Gyro and IR Motion controls caught my attention. Oh man, now I have a bit of a hard choice to make on which platform I want to pick this up on. Available now.

Unicorn Overlord shines in combining overworld exploration and an innovative battle system in the iconic Vanillaware style. Traverse the vibrant world, cultivate a grand army with over 60 uniquely designed characters, and grow your renown throughout the five nations in this unique epic fantasy experience!

Is it bad that this caught my eye just because it’s called Unicorn Overload? Anyway, I loved the artwork for Unicorn Overload and I honestly trust Vanillaware’s writing, but I have found that I’m not the best at turn-based tactical games. That probably won’t stop me anyway since it hasn’t stopped me before. This will release on March 8, 2024.

Strike a pose with a multitude of motion-based microgames in a brand-new entry in the WarioWare series! You can laugh out loud with over 200 lightning-fast microgames, and multiplayer modes aplenty!

Will I embarrass myself with this game? Yes. Will I still play the heck out of it? Definitely. This will release on November 3, 2023.

Dive to fish during the day and manage a sushi bar at night. The gameplay loop will gradually expand, opening up players to new systems, fascinating creatures, and unexplored environments. Upgrade your gear to delve into the depths and discover what friends, foes, and surprises await in the Blue Hole.

I am so happy and excited that Dave the Diver is coming to the Switch! I was really hoping this was coming to consoles as it seemed like a game right up my alley and after playing the demo, it certainly is! I liked both the dives and the restaurant halves and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the game has in store (especially since I didn’t want to play the whole demo so close to the release date). A few stray thoughts, some fish are so mean, I got to see a shark (!), and I’m still wondering what auto-supply even does. This will be avialable on the Switch on October 26, 2023.

Welcome to the Flower Kingdom! Learn all about Mario’s latest 2D side-scrolling adventure, including worlds, playable characters, power-ups, Wonder effects, and so much more!

This only got showcased in the sizzle reel, but man am I excited for Wonder. I actually just recently saw the trailer for it and it looks like it’ll be so fun. This probably sounds weird, but it reminds me of New Super Mario Bros game I played a ton as a kid, but with better graphics, new transformations, and the Wonder sections. I’m definitely going to get this for my birthday and I most likely will disappear for a while as I get sucked into it. This will release on October 20, 2023.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door from the Nintendo GameCube system will return with enhanced graphics for Nintendo Switch in 2024!

This was another Mario game that I heard was really good and after playing Origami King, I really wanted to play the first two Paper Mario games. I’m glad Thousand-Year Door, which I’m pretty sure is regarded as the best Paper Mario, is getting a remaster.

Playstation State of Play

Play as Nate, an unemployed failson with nothing going for him, until one day he discovers a power he never knew he had… putting one foot in front of the other.

Explore a world shrouded in mist, one step at a time. Hike the serene mountains by placing each footstep yourself, in original physics-based gameplay from the minds behind Ape Out and Getting Over It. Take in the sights, fall in love with the local fauna, and try to find meaning in a wasted life.

While I’m not sure if I can deal with this man’s constant narration, I do like the dialogue in conversations/cutscenes and I am so ready to ruin this man’s day.

Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise for PS5.

I…still need to play Spider-Man 1 and the Miles Morales (side?) game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be looking forward to it! It looks pretty good and Venom, man. Now to wait for it to release and see if it isn’t just the trailer that makes it look amazing and fun and if the gameplay backs it up. This will be available on October 20, 2023.

For Dahna. For Rena. The fight for peace begins anew.

*Looks at Tales of Arise on my shelf* Ah another backlog game I need to play soon. This will be released on November 9, 2023.

What we call “destiny” is neither visible nor tangible.
You had many choices, but everything led you here… to right here and right now.
You and I are each other’s destiny.

Yes, finally, a console release so I can finally play this without heating up my phone and torturing myself with trying to do the explore sections on the phone. This will finally be on consoles on October 11, 2023.

The Unknown Journey Continues…

After escaping from the dystopian city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet. New adventures await in a vibrant and vast world – sprint across grassy plains on a Chocobo and explore expansive environments.

*Looks at Final Fantasy 7 Remake in my backlog* *Looks at how it got some Kingdom Hearts story shenanigans in it* Ah yes, another one where I have the game or it’s prequel in my backlog. Also is it just me, or does Sephiroth sound like he’s saying “Clown” and not “Cloud”. haha. This will be released on February 29, 2024.

Wait, did they also show Sin from Final Fantasy 10? What?

Tokyo Game Show

For this, most of the games I was interested in did appear in Xbox’s showcase, so I linked that as the main link, but there are a couple more showcases that happened. You can see the full playlist here.

APOLLO JUSTICE IS FINE!! If it please the court, we have new evidence to submit about the lawyers, friends, and rivals of the Wright Anything Agency across all three games included in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy!

Check the Court Record, and you’ll see this collection is packed with a gallery, music player, cutscene viewer, and previously released DLC. Join Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright, Athena Cykes, and a colorful cast of friends and foes as Apollo puts an end to the Dark Age of the Law!

I already have these on my 3DS, but hey I can double dip on my favorite series. Plus I did already double dip with the original trilogy anyway. Here’s hoping they also end up giving Miles Edgeworth’s games the Great Ace Attorney treatment as well by porting the first game and localizing the second game.

Join the Phantom Thieves as they lead an uprising of the heart! Assemble an all-star team of heroes in a brand-new story in this thrilling combat adventure set in Persona’s iconic universe.

I’m glad this is being put on Game Pass as I’m still not sure whether I’d like this enough or not. I do hope this has an interesting story along with good gameplay. This is releasing on November 17, 2023.

Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi is a fantasy adventure game where a sword–wielding Guardian and an arcane Monk must learn to work together to defeat the Void corrupting their home. Explore ruined temples, solve environmental puzzles, rescue spirits, and defeat giant Void monsters!

To be honest, I started out not really interested in this game, but the more they talked about the game and showed gameplay, the more it caught my attention. It looks interesting and I can’t wait to see more.

Join Mineko in Mount Fugu, a cozy Japanese inspired village with a great mystery to unfold! Make new friends, collect and craft whimsical items, revitalize the once thriving Night Market, and uncover the truth of the great sun cat, Nikko!

Man, don’t you just have games that you know you most likely won’t like, either because it’s not a genre you like playing or you played the demo, but you can’t help but want it whenever you see the trailer? That’s Mineko’s Night Market for me. Luckily, since it is coming to Game Pass, I can try it out when it releases. This is out now.

Immerse yourself deeper into the world of Persona 3 Reload with never-before-seen backstory, linked episode footage, and all-new battle mechanics!

It’s Persona, what else can I say? Haha. It looks really good. Coming February 2, 2024.

“Hotel Barcelona,” where serial killers from all over the United States are said to have gathered. You must defeat them and check out before all the blood is spilled.

Japanese game creators SWERY65 and SUDA51 have teamed up to create this ambitious work. Don’t miss it.

This one looks and sounds like it’ll be interesting. Not to mention this being a collab between SWERY AND SUDA51.

Meet Harvard Marks, the genius detective from the Broadstone Police Department, on his thrilling adventures in Decasim, a virtual realm that’s a spitting image of our world, but with a twist. In Decasim, every nook and cranny is haunted by the echoes of past and present crimes. Join Harvard as he unravels these digital mysteries!

Are you really surprised I’m interested in Decapolice? Though, the combat really caught me off guard.

A long time ago, on the continent of Lantana, a land bathed in broom stars, there was alchemy with mana obtained from the stars and many alchemists who manipulated it. But now that the number of broom stars has decreased, that is a long time ago. Alchemy has completely faded away… It was forgotten by the people. The main character, Lesna, dreamed of spreading the forgotten alchemy to the world again. Heading to the legendary land of the “End Continent” where the clue sleeps, her adventure begins.

Honestly, I’m interested in Atelier Resleriana, but it being a mobile game killed it for me. I don’t have a phone that I can play games on (or at least not games like this) so I guess I’m just going to hope that Koei Tecmo decides to do console ports when it gets localized.


So that’s all. Most have no release date yet, but some do and I’m eagerly waiting for their release dates to come up.


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