Among Us Review

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Released: November 16, 2018
Available on: Steam/Mobile/Switch
Genre: Survival Deception Multiplayer
Developer: Innersloth
Publisher: Innersloth

Among Us surprised me. I didn’t know this game existed until one of my friends urged me to pick it up and I’m glad I did. Among Us is a hidden role deduction game where up to 10 players are preparing their ship. You can either be randomly be a crewmate or an imposter. Crewmates are given a list of tasks, which can either be quick or long, that they should do. While they’re traveling all around the map, keeping their eyes open is key as they can walk past a dead body, even walk in on the imposter doing imposter-only actions, and making sure that crisis are taken care of. If you find a dead body, you’ll get the option to report it and be sent to the discussion table so you can relay where you found it, who maybe was in the area or left, and hear what the others have to say in relation to alibis. You can also vote who you think the imposter is and if the majority agrees, they’ll get ejected. Though, you can hit the emergency meeting button if you have some juicy information. If you happen to be killed, or wrongly voted off, you can still do your tasks. Dead crewmates unfinished tasks still count in everyone’s combined completion bar. There are also areas where you can loosely monitor everyone with security cams, a heart monitor, or detectors that loosely detect how many people are in a room or the thresholds they passed.

Meanwhile, imposters (which can be between 1-3 depending on the host) need to blend in. They’re given a list of fake tasks so they can go to the station and pretend they’re doing it, but you won’t actually get the screen. Of course, you need to make sure that nobody notices that the shared completion bar isn’t moving when you’re “doing tasks”. If you believe you and a crewmate are alone, and hopefully no one is going to come right around the corner, you can kill them and widdle down the crewmate’s numbers (assuming the cooldown is done). You can also sabotage the crewmates by locking doors and causing crisis that will kill the crewmates if they don’t deal with it or hamper them such as lowering their visibility. You can also jump into vents to quickly get out of an area and act like you totally weren’t there or hide and suddenly jump out when a poor lone sole walks along. Hopefully, no one walks in on you or keep everyone’s suspicions off you and on someone else.

For the crewmates to win, they either have to find and vote out all impostors or have everyone complete their tasks. While imposters can win by killing most of the crewmates (if the number of impostors equal cremates, the impostors win) or hope that the crewmates totally ignore the crisis.

For the low price of $5, Among Us is definitely worth it. There’s still a lot of people playing, which was one of my concerns, there’s a good variety of tasks, and it is pretty fun (albeit the frustrations that come with playing role games with strangers). Of course, with games like this, it’s best to play with friends if you can since you can use Discord to voice chat instead of the in-game text chat.

While the boom of popularity brought some negatives and caused Among Us 2 to be cancelled, it also brought some positives. It’s been getting updates and additions, like extra options to tweak rounds (ex anonymous voting, not showing if an imposter was voted off), and will even receive a new map.


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