Love Your Backlog 2023

Conquering my backlog one game at a time

So I just found out that Love Your Backlog is back! While we didn’t have one last year, which was surely missed by me, Kim from Later Levels has brought it back. You can check out the article detailing it here, but basically this month we answer a couple questions to look back on out backlog then next month we play a game in out backlog dedicated to this event.

Like I mentioned in my Backlog Progress article, I have been keeping a spreadsheet of all the games in my backlog. Back in February 2021 I estimated about 400 games and this year I’m at…drumroll please…

160 Games!!!

Wow! I was a busy bee tackling my backlog. I know I’m trying to not be guilty over it, but I do want to play the games in my backlog. There have been quite a number of games I ended up not enjoying which is a bit sad, but at least it hurts less considering most were bought years ago. I’ve also been trying to tell myself that it’s okay to not like a game (especially if it’s a game that’s well liked).

Anyway, let’s get onto the questions!

A game you’re eager to play, but haven’t yet started

Oh man, starting with a tough question. There are a couple I’m excited to get to, but maybe the one I’m looking forward to the most would probably be Ender Lilies. It was the first game that came to mind from the couple others that I had in my mind, so I guess you can say that’s the one I’m more eager to play. I honestly picked this up after trying out Dead Cells and not really gelling well with it and I immediately fell in love with not only the visuals but how satisfying it felt to play. It probably wasn’t a good choice to buy this full price, but even within the first 10 minutes I could already tell it was worth it.

A game you’ve started several times but haven’t yet finished

Danganronpa 2 for sure. I loved the first Danganronpa game and shortly after I finished it, I bought the sequels. I ended up starting Danganronpa 2 a couple days after I 100% the first game and I just couldn’t get past the fact that the characters just felt so similar to the characters in the first game. Three years ago, and funnily enough 3 years after my first attempt at playing it, I played it again and got a little bit farther, but I ultimately dropped it again. I don’t exactly know why, but I was getting to the point where the characters diverged away from their similarities to the first game’s cast. Considering that I don’t remember much from the first game anymore, I am going to try playing Danganronpa 2 one more time before dropping it.

The oldest game in terms of release date

The first Persona game, aka Persona: Revelations! I just haven’t gotten around to it since I got it and I guess I just haven’t been in the mood yet.

The most recent addition to your library

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin! I pretty much got right back into the mystery dungeon genre due to playing (and getting obsessed with) Void Terrarium. While this game isn’t a mystery dungeon game, I heard that it was pretty similar and after checking out some videos and sleeping on it, I decided to pounce on it. I’m hoping to get to it next month when I’m a bit more free.

The game which has spent the most time on your backlog

It’s still Final Fantasy 10. I was planning on getting to it last year…but then that didn’t happen. Soon Final Fantasy 10…soon.

The person responsible for you adding the most entries to your backlog, due to their good recommendations

Me, Myself, and I. It doesn’t help that I like a lot of different genres, with only a few that I don’t like and avoid, so when I see a game that looks interesting and looks like it would be fun, that’s all I need. I have been trying to do better with game purchases though! Like limiting myself to one game purchase per month. Also preferably one that I would play right away (or close to when I purchase it), but I’m obviously really bad at planning out when I’ll play certain games.

I’m not too sure what game I’ll play and finish for #MaybeinMarch, but I’m definitely going for a game I can realistically do instead of aiming too high. I feel Final Fantasy 10 is aiming a bit too high, especially considering my tendency to procrastinate, so I’ll most likely do a different game. Most likely a game I already have downloaded like Concrete Genie, Rhythm Thief, or Haven.

I’m currently idling cards on Steam (for games that I ended up not liking) so it also depends how long that takes. There are a couple games on Steam I want to do (like Ender Lilies or Raging Loop), but I really want to get the idling done in one go rather than having to do it again later (or putting it off again).

So I’ll see you guys next month with my #MaybeinMarch entry. Will I finally play Concrete Genie? Will I leave Haven so I can try to do a review for it just in time for next year’s Valentine’s Day? Or will I do a totally different game not listed anywhere in this article? Not even I will know until next month!

Again, you can check out the post over at Later Levels detailing the event if you just want to know more about it or if you want to join in as well.


♡ ♡ ♡ A witch that goes for anything that peaks her interest no matter the genre. Currently obsessed with the Persona series and trying to make a dent in my backlog. ♡ ♡ ♡

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  1. Kim says:

    Ah, Final Fantasy 10… another one I started, but haven’t finished ha ha! Thanks so much for joining in this month. 🙂

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