Confess My Love Review

The love hymn, disappeared in a flash

Released: May 20, 2017
Available on: Steam
Genre: VN
Developer: LR Studio
Publisher: LR Studio

As we grow and develop, we often see someone in a different light. Whether it is from their looks, how they carry themselves, or that after knowing them for a long time you just cross over to liking them more. Developing a crush on the person. Worrying whether or not they will be accepting and go out with you, or even that they are single. With how much “The worst thing they can say is ‘No’” is said, it is still heartbreaking being turned down.

Confess My Love goes on the premise of, well, confessing your love. You play as Willie, who admired his classmate, Liza, from afar for a while. Planning to tell her that he loved her on this fateful day. With 20 endings to look forward to, you go forward hoping that Willie’s heart is not broken in one of them. Every ending playing off on how you might of felt in your own experience.

I do recommend looking at a guide for this game, as even if you figure out the general way of getting endings, there are some that stray away. With that said, most of the endings are timed based. Which in turn makes Willie more prepared in his words as you wait longer and of course Liza’s responses change along with it. Other endings depend on items and interacting with the other character Julie. With only the last few dependent on you doing the other endings, as well as timing and items, to achieve them as items do appear over time.

As the ending is really a twist that you really only think about after a certain amount of endings, I will not spoil it for you. But it is chilling and it is only amplified by the soundtrack switching it’s usual light hearted but fast paced theme when confessing. And at the end very heartbreaking, especially with all that you go through. Though I will say that I love games that play with how it can interact with files or the computer. The game tells you what is going to happen, and it happens on our side.

I really like the pixel art they decided to use, though the indication of an important item was of center to the interaction point other than one of them. With the character portraits, I also wonder why they only have one of them show completely. They do show Willie’s on the title screen, but Liza’s is the only one to completely show. It kind of can be linked to what the ending tells you, but it does seems like they were not finished.


+ Pixel art
+ Music
+ Interesting way to tie in multiple endings to the storyline

+/- Some grammar issues
+/- Most character portraits seemed unfinished or just not included.

Confess My Love brings a simple story line of a boy finally confessing to his crush. Containing multiple endings tied to timing, items, and/or interacting with Julia. If you have a free day and not feeling the games you already have, try this out. It will certainly make your boring day interesting.


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